Pavlov, Freud And Community Organizing

Pavlov, Freud And Community Organizing


R.E. Prindle



     I’m sure everyone will have heard of Pavlov and his famous dogs.  Pavlov introduced the concept of Conditioning to the psychological lexicon.  The concept sort of flies under the radar in Freud’s version of psychoanalysis but the Old Master Fudger was quite taken by it.

     The question for Freud was how do you condition a whole people to respond to stimuli as you want them to do using a less noticeable  method than a dinner bell.

     Let’s look at the this recent Denver Danger with fresh eyes.  What sort of conditioning of  White people is going on here and for what result?

     It is clear the Jews and Africans intend the destruction of the White species.  If you haven’t looked into Noel Ignatiev or Kamau Kambon as yet may I suggest you do so and take what they’re saying seriously.   They are not standup comics.

     The problem is how do you get the majority White population to allow a much smaller Negro and Jewish minority to march them into extermination camps without resistance?  Well, you condition them to not respond to provocation but to placidly accept it until they are conditioned to taking it.

     In Denver, for instance, and this is going on all over the country, a group of paramilitary Africans systematically crippled numerous White people on the streets of Denver.   Now, these were not spontaneous attacks.  The FBI was called in which means that ‘community organizers’ and agitators crossed state lines for violent purposes.  I smell Chicago here and Chicago leads to the Great Black Hope in Washington DC.  The techniques used were those of professional sluggers resulting in broken jaws and fractured eye sockets.  Takes a little skill to do that.  These were not casual assaults they were organized.  Perhaps people were being trained to  organize other ‘communities’ in other cities.

     The Denver Police Chief thought it best, or said it was to prevent White vigilante patrols or defensive action, to keep the White public uninformed of this paramilitary activity.

     Now, we are told that thirty some members of this ‘gang’ or organized community were rounded up in a sweep.  That must mean that the members of this organization have been known for some time.  We are led to believe that these organizers will be put on prison relief for twenty years.  Will they?  What will happen when the furor, as small as it is, dies down?

     Thus the White public is conditioned to accept this terrorization passively without resistance or retaliation.  More incidents will be occurring  with greater frequency.  In each instance Whites will be prevented from responding in kind to this race war.   In other words they are being conditioned to non-resistance.  Now, people will say that Jews are White so how can they be referred to as not White.  Let me refer you  to a notorious figure known as A.J. Weberman.  In his online biography he proudly proclaims that he is not White, he is a Jew.  There’s your rationale.

     Soon neighborhoods will be invaded while Whites stand passively by as homes are looted and they and their neighbors beaten.   Then when White ‘troublemakers’ who write critical blogs are rounded up and sent to extermination camps for their own holocaust, Whites will have been conditioned to accept this crime without demur.

      Now, anyone who believes Africans don’t harbor a desire for revenge for slavery; or don’t think Jews feel shame for their passive acceptance of extermination had better reexamine their beliefs.

     The future is plain before you.  Will you accept your Pavlovian and Freudian conditioning and acquiesce in your own destruction?  I fear it.


One comment on “Pavlov, Freud And Community Organizing

  1. Only you could see a Jewish conspiracy behind an isolated rash of inner-city muggings by non-jews. Priceless.

    Note to readers: This will be my last post. Mr. Prindle has deleted numerous responses of mine and so I bid farewell. By his actions it seems he does believe in censorship. He is the worst kind of hypocrite. He can dish dirt but doesn’t want to get any mud on his clothes.

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