Greil Marcus And Barry Obama

Greil Marcus And Barry Obama


R.E. Prindle


     We have a German Communist criticizing something of which he knows aught.  Jorg Hantzschel writes in the Suddeutsche Zeitung quoting of all people super nerd Weird Old Greil Marcus:

     Obama is the face of the country and the country is therefore Obama’s face.  Anyone who questions Obama’s legitimacy questions his own legitimacy.  When a part of the nation rejects the president, it rejects the nation itself.

     Mr. Shaky Logic strikes again.  What a clinching conclusion to his article Mr. Hantzshel employs.  I presume he is of the SI sort of Communist since he relies on a quote from such a questionable source.

     Is Obama the face of the country or is he merely a talking head of the Judaeo-Communists?   As a talking head he has no meaning for anyone in the country except for his employers.  The burden of ‘White guilt’ is too heavy for some.  At any rate a few percentage points of the population is not the face of America.  Obama was elected by billions of dollars not people.  If he is the face of anything it is the face of Bankers.

     As is absolutely clear Obama was born in Kenya.  No one spends millions of dollars to concel the truth unless that truth does indeed prove his illegitimacy.  One need go no further for proof than that.  It is conclusive.  The accusations are so easy to stop it isn’t worth the breath to laugh Obama and his crony Greil Marcus to scorn.

     ‘When a part of the nation rejects its president it rejects the nation itself.”  Is this the clown speaking who rejected Johnson, Nixon, Reagan and both Bushes speaking?  Is this the fellow who rejects nationalism as xenophobia?  Who quotes:  Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel?  Well then Scoundrel Marcus, since self-confession is good for the soul you must feel like a new man.  Weird old America, indeed.

     Authoritarian remarks like Marcus’  are deserving of the scorn marvelous scholars like Hannah Arendt and his own beloved Frankfurt School have heaped on such people.   Indeed, Greil, you must be guilty of having a Nazi authoritarian personality.

     And as far as Mr. Hantszhel is concerned he should note that I don’t write on German politics.  The reason is simple;  I don’t know anymore of German politics than he knows of American politics.  Go with what you know Jorg and avoid what you don’t.


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