Old God, Almost Dead: Was Paul A Jew?

Old God, Almost Dead:

Was Paul A Jew?


R.E. Prindle



     I find Tablet Ezine- A New Read On Jewish Life an entertaining ezine.  I follow it regularly, indeed, daily.  While Tablet may consider itself a New Read I find it dusturbing that its contributors don’t seem to be able to think outside the Jewish box.  On that account I don’t see justification for the New Read slogan.  The writers seem absolutely fixated on this idelogy that began to take form at the cusp between the Taurean and Arien Ages assuming a complete form in the conflicts of the early Piscean Age.  Quite frankly such a primitive ideology has no place at the cusp of the Piscean and Aquarian Ages.  Only the most simplistic minds can find any degree of reality in the Jewish religion.  Where oh where is the evidence for that extra intelligence gene  claimed by Jews?

     Miss Shulewitz in the above article is not only fighting an ancient war that ceased to have relevance with the issue of the Origins Of Species, but she seems unaware of the difference between the Pauline and Johanine doctrines.  Essentially she is at war with the Pauline Roman Catholic Church, not Christianity.

     To quote her first paragraph, my comments interlined:

     Jews don’t like the apostle Paul.  Jesus they can live with; he was a good hearted rebbe whose words were twisted to say things he didn’t mean.

     The above is very simplistic.  She speaks as though Paul were still living rather than a two thousand year old dead Jew and merely a historical artefact.  He is barely out of the stone age in his outlook.   Being a Semite he hadn’t a glimmer of the scientific outlook.   While an important historical figure he’s little more than an intellectual curiosity.

     That the Catholic Church should remain Pauline is too bizarre for belief.  Paul sounds like a predecessor of the supremely evil Jacob Frank.

     Miss Shulevitz quotes Paul:

     For I delight in the law of  God after the inward man.  But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in members.

     So Paul’s unconscious mind directs him irresistibly into the paths of evil.  His conscious mind and intelligence is defenseless aginst his unconscious.   The eighteenth century Jacob Frank merely said don’t risist give in, don’t fight it; indulge all your evil impulses until you’ve purged the evil from your body.  Frank’s attitude was seconded by Sigmund Freud.  Freud institutionalized the attitude not only amongst Jews but Gentiles.  An interesting thirder is the disgusting Woody Allen who bleats the theme in his movie Whatever Works.

     This aspect of Paul seems to have escaped Miss Shulevitz but apparently Jews don’t dislike Paul all that much since they follow his dictates.

     But Paul was the twister, and can’t be forgiven.

     Really?  Judaism is truly a living religion after all.  A dead Jew two thousand years old can’t be forgiven?  Is it necessary?  Perhaps he should apologize from beyond the grave.

        As a zealous convert who equated the Torah with death Paul is deemed the father of anti-Judaism (the theological critique of Judaism as a religion.)

     Are we to believe that without Paul there would be no critique of Judaism as a belief system?  Is Judaism above criticism? What makes Judaism unique among isms?  Nothing that I can see.

     …the grandfather of anti-Semitism (the hatred of Jews as a people.)

     The word Semistism indicates a belief system and not a people.  Once again what makes the Semitist belief system sacred and above criticism?  It is only the product of men’s minds.  Why should anyone tremble before Semitism?  Why should anyone blindly accept Semitism in toto?  Is Capitalism above criticism?  No.  So why should Semitism be above criticism?  It shouldn’t be.  It is the intensest bigotry to insist it is.  Irrational actually.

     …And the inventor of the theology of the cross.

     Pure bosh.  Miss Shulevitz should be ashamed of herself.

     One is left then with the conclusion that unless Judaism and hence Jews are to lift themselves out of their national psychological depression they themselves will have to radically change their ideology.  The term theology seems absolutely passe in this scientific day.  A old god merely in the way.

     Quite frankly the Jews are going to have to chuck this ancient baggage.  G-d, indeed.  Lighten their load a little.

     The god of Israel is decrepit, trudging disconsolately to his grave- a god, almost dead but certainly irrelevant and redundant.


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