Africa Triumphant

Africa Triumphant


R.E. Prindle


     When Barack Obama was elected by deluded White voters of the United State the triumph of primitive African mental processes over European mental development emerged triumphant.  Few people seem to be paying attention to the not so subtle changes in the legal system.  

     Obama, born in Kenya, is following African tribal law.  Among the Zulu there was the practice of ‘smelling out’ witches.  That is to say the chief, whether the early Chaka or the last of his line, Cetywayo, surveyed the land for dissidents or for other reasons, periodically  assembling the regiments for the ‘smelling out.’  Witch doctors then roamed the ranks ‘smelling out’  preselected ‘witches.’  They were immediately put to death.

     Chief Obama has inaugurated the same system.  He has called on the law to ‘smell out’ critics and dissenters.  He has called upon them to ‘smell out’ web sites critical of him, law agencies have been requestd to ‘smell out’ dissidents of any sort and neutralize them through intimidation.   Arrest and slaughter will come later.

     Thus without anyone apparently noticing it he has boldly replaced the old legal system of checks and balances with African tribal chiefly law in which guilt is solely the will of the chief.

     Nothing is being done to check this ‘change WE can believe in’, so far it hasn’t even been acknowledged.  Now is the hour to stop the legal change and discard it.  If  you are afraid of the color of his skin then turn African, lose your rights and liberties.  If you have the will to assert your rights and freedoms whether being put under the frightful soul destroying spell ‘racist’ or not then chuck the Kenyan out.  There can be no possible reason for a man to spend millions of dollars to prevent the facts being known unless the facts are as alleged.  The fact is that Obama cannot legally be president as he was not born in this country but Kenya. 

     End the charade and put the guy on a plane back to Africa.  That is all that has to be done.   His presence is illegal.  Either that or submit to African tribal law.  Line up for the ‘smelling out.’



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