Warren G. Harding, The Revolution And The Crash

Warren G. Harding, The Revolution And The Crash


R.E. Prindle


     The Geat Black Hope announced that this period would be one of  change ‘we’ can believe in so cast that spell for a very brief look at the US from 1917 to 1933 focusing on the presidency of that great President, Warren G. Harding.  Harding has been maliciously vilified because of his great success against the Revolution.

     The Jewish revolution which began in earnest in 1913 was reaching its apogee between 1917 and 1922 both in Europe and the US.  In 1919-20 the Jews were in full revolt in Europe while running a close second in the US.  During the Wilson administration Jews were nearly in control.  Massive bombings and criminal activities filled the year 1919 in the US which while not characterized as a revolution by US historians, which is to say Jewish historians, that is what it was.

     Millions of dollars of saving bonds had been stolen which were being cashed by Jews.  The lax Wilson administration allowed revolutionary criminals to run wild so that by 1921 when Harding took office the mails were being plundered at an alarming rate.  The country was in virtual anarchy.  When Harding assumed ofice in March of ’21 he announced a return to ‘normalcy’ and aggressively acted to bring it about.  The return to ‘normalcy’ meant the suppression of the Judaeo-Communist revolution.  The Communist Party was outlawed while Federal agents aggressively pursued the Communist Parties.

     Will Hays was appointed Postmaster General actively attacking the postal criminals and restoring order there.  Wall Street then as now was out of control.  All those who stood up to the revolution had to be destroyed.  Some, such as the Dodge Brothers were murdered.  A failed murder attempt was made on Henry Ford also.  He was successfully defamed within a few years.

     The restorer of  ‘normalcy’, Warren G. Harding was both aggressively defamed and ultimately probably murdered.  The price of his success was to be condemned as the worst President of all time.  You don’t mess with Rohan.  Right?

     But with the suppression of the revolution the Republicans were firmly in power with little chance of being moved out unless another debacle such as TR and the Progressive Party. 

     Harding, Coolidge, Hoover and full prosperity.  As Alfred Rosenberg in his Myth Of The Twentieth Century stresses the real culprit was International Jewish Finance or the Global Money Trust of today.  Then as now new destructive financial instruments based on nothing but air were introduced.  It would take a major disaster to oust the Republicans.  Therefore a financial bubble was created not unlike our own recent housing bubble created by Greenspan and Wall Street.  The bubble burst in 1929 plunging the country into Depression.  This allowed FDR to be elected as a savior.  The Jews then rushed back into DC taking a major role in the administration.  Rather than solving the financial problem Roosevelt exacerbated  it from 1933 until 1942 when WWII began aborting the revolution while renewing prosperity until the housing debacle.

     It took a while but when the going gets tough the tough get schemeing.




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