Genes, Jews And Genius

Genes, Jews And Genius


R.E. Prindle

Charles Murray

     The title of the above is ‘If It Weren’t For The Chosen people You’d All Be Living In Caves.’  It’s a serious assertion and common belief among Jews.  The blogger explains:  The following article is excerpted from a classic Charles Murray article in Commentary.  Jewish Genius is Murray’s title.  In it he purports to explain why he believes Jews are the most intelligent people on the planet.  We’ll get to the article soon but first let us examine the blogger’s title more closely.

     The obtuseness underlying the statement does not corelate with having supreme intelligence.  Man came out from caves tens of millennia before Jews came into existence.  Using the Bible, a Jewish book, as our authority (bad word, I know, but it works) it says that the Terahites came into existence 75 years before they were expelled from Ur, essentially for outrageous chutzpah.  The period in question was the end of the Taurian and the beginning of the Arien age.  According to the Jewish historian, Josephus, there was an astronomical, read astrological, dispute in which Abram defeated the Chaldean doctors who in anger expelled the Terahites, of which Abram was apparently a religious head.  The dispute was whether the gods were eternally Saturnian or whether they evolve with the Ages.

     So, at the time the Jews came into existence our ancestors had already created civilization a couple thousand years before and it was a supreme example.  Ours had already created structures that astonished the Terahites and would astonish Abram’s descendants even further 1500 years on.

     While the Chosen People were gingerly picking their way among the sheep droppings on their way to Padan Harran ours were discussing serious astronomical and astrological problems in the comfort of their luxurious apartments.  They humorously referred to their appartments as ‘caves.’

     Ah, expulsion!   First Paradise then Ur of the Chaldees.  When will it ever end?  Thanks for the helping hand fellas but we think you’re projecting.

     Charles Murray.  Murray who bills himself as a Scots-Irish Gentile from Iowa disqualifies himself from serious consideration when he closes his amiable but ridiculous article with this sentence.

At this point, I take sancturary in my remaining hypothesis, uniquely parsimonious and happily irrefutable.  The Jews are God’s chosen people.

     Whether Murray was cynically trying to buy the Jews off, chirpily humorous or dead serious is difficult for me to ascertain.  I can only take him at his words.

     Let’s start with IQ tests.  I’m sure that in a general way they are useful for predicting raw mental ability.  Humans being what they are however if there is a way to bring results in line with your hopes and expectations it will be done.

     I took an IQ test in high school.  Just so we understand each other you have to know how to read to take the test.  Prerequisite.  That automatically eliminates  the illiterate who may in fact have high IQs.  Mr. Murray rejects the notion that books and magazines in the home have a bearing on IQ scores.  I beg to differ.  Once again you have to be able to read.  The more experience you have in reading and the more adequate your vocabulary the better and more quickly you can understand a sentence.  Some of those sentences were pretty tricky, testing your reading skills.  Such tests tend to favor the better prepared.  Nothing to do with IQ.

     Further I can remember that there were at least six to twelve questions that were giveaways to those from upper middle class backgrounds.  Those few ‘gift’ questions might easily have added a number of points for those with that certain more acceptable background.  So, as I say in a general way IQ tests are useful but I wouldn’t take them to the bank.

     Knowing how to take tests is essential.  Some kids took each question in order and remained stuck for the entire test period  pondering one question.  I whizzed ahead, got the ones I knew for sure, went back for the rest and anything I didn’t have a clue on just marked a box.  Some twit actually turned me in for answering questions out of order.

     And then, in college I received a test back on which I knew several answers checked wrong were right.  On questioning the teacher it was discovered that her assistant had used the wrong matrix to correct the test.  Might have been a mistake, might have been on purpose.  There are plenty of areas for error.

     Then Murray presents such sloppy evidence that I find it incredible:

     The imbalance continues to increase for still higher IQs.  New York City’s public school system used to administer a pencil and paper IQ test to its entire school population.  In 1954, a psychologist used those test results to identify all 28 children in the New York public school system with measured IQs of 170 or higher.  Of these 28, 24 were Jews.

     Mr. Murray doesn’t identify the psychologist or his or her method.  We don’t know who checked up on him or how the testees were identified as Jews.  Must have been the names because Jews were very reluctant to be identified as Jews in 1954.

     I think I’ve made my point on IQ tests;

      There are social items to consider.  As a member of the goy part of society I can’t help but note that there were a great many of us from the wrong side of the tracks who were denied opportunity regardless of our scores.  While the Jews as an outside minority are as an entire group encouraged to get the best education for competition with the majority; fully fifty percent or more of the dominant culture are discouraged from doing so.  I know of cases where parents beat their kids for trying too hard.   Large numbers of kids were pressured out of school in Junior High.  I was arbitrarily assigned to Trade School out of ninth grade against my stated intent.  I had to fight high school administration for four days before I could get admitted to academic high school.  One whole day of those four days was consumed by whether I would be allowed to take the academic curriculum or be forced into the business curriculum.  And that was here in the United States Of America and I am a White Gentile.  Take your crap about Black and Jewish discrimination and put it up your rectum and see if it changes your strut.

     Let us consider the case in Russia.  If discrimination from their ‘betters’ in the US was rife then imagine what it had been for the mass of the native Russian population under the Czars.  The common people were Serfs, that is to say, slaves, no better off and perhaps worse off than the African slaves in the US.  Serfs were bound to the land no less than the Africans.  Over them, a small minority of the population was the Aristocracy who considered the Serfs dumb brutes no less than Africans in the US.  The Serfs were denied any education for hundreds of years.

     The Jews of Russia, on the contrary, were free men if restricted in their liberties.  While their literacy rate was no where near what Murray imagines, any Jew nevertheless could become literate  if he so desired.  Since the Serfs were illiterate, if IQ tests had been available only Jews and aristocrats could have taken them.  Hence what was the average IQ of a Russian?

     Even after 1861 Serfs were not welcome in the universities where they would have rubbed elbows with the Aristos.  Rubbing elbows with Jews didn’t bother the Aristos half as much.  The Jews however being generally if not universally literate did push into the universities.  They applied in such numbers that they would have swamped the aristos as the pool of Jewish literates was probably as large as the Russian even though their population was much smaller.   They were officially limited to 1o% but probably 15 to 20% slipped in.

    Let me contest Murray’s claim that Jews are more intelligent because the intellectual demand for being a Jew was so difficult that the dumb Jews became Christian leaving the intelligent Jews behind.  Actually it would have been the other way around.  The less intelligent usually cling to custom while the more intelligent adjust to actual realities.  Thus the more intelligent would tend to think ‘Why am I putting up with this medieval crap.’  and leave, thus lowering the general intelligence of Jews.

     When the Revolution blew in in 1917 the Jews were uniquely prepared to take over the majority of administration posts-  that was after 3-4 million geniuses shifted base to the US.

     Trotsky crowed that Russians who had been denied for centuries were so dumb they needed Jews who were more intelligent (read had an opportunity for literacy) as a gift of god.

     Now, the bulk of any national population- German, French, etc.- know only their native tongue.  Local Jews always knew the local tongue plus having their own universal tongue- Yiddish- that all Jews also knew.  You can see how easy it would have been to bamboozle the locals giving the appearance of intelligence while a couple of Jews amidst a group of various nationals would have them at their mercy.

     While Murray rambles about in the upper stratosphere of metaphysical explanations there are more plausible ones here on earth.

     As Honore de Balzac was to remark- great fortunes are based on a great crime.  He was undoubtedly referring to the Rothschilds of whom the saying was definitely true but no less so than the current plunderers of Russia or even, heaven forbid, Goldman Sachs and their merry band of Wall Street criminals.  You don’t need that much intelligence to be a crook and where it’s needed, in Timothy Geithner’s job, for instance, that old extra Jewish intelligence gene seems to be sadly lacking.

     Our little old cornfed scholar from I-o-way should have eaten something more nutritious.  I thought there was something fishy looking about the Bell Curve so I neither read nor bought it.  Now I know why.  If he can say with a straight face that he believes Jews are more intelligent because god chose them for his people then probably his real reason for believing Africans are dumb is because god cursed them and made them black.  You don’t need eight hundred pages or so for that.

     Say, didn’t Noel Ignatiev graduate from Harvard too?  I’m beginning to wonder about that school.


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