Divided Loyalties- Divided Minds


Divided Loyalties- Divided Minds


R.E. Prindle



        While Jews were denying that AIPAC even existed a new Jewish-Israeli pressure group was being formed- J Street.    J for Jews one supposes.  The article above from Tablet Ezine makes some interesting disclosures.

     Number one there seems to be no way that J Street can deny being an Israeli lobby…although….  Tablet proudly announces they are such.

     A key member, Jim Gerstein by name, is described as a native Chicagoan but seems to commute back and forth to Israel with the ease of from his neighborhood to the Loop downtown.  Gerstein doesn’t even claim to be a loyal American.  His concern is to package his Jewish constituency to look like acceptable Duals.

     His…role at J Street…has been to push the group to think of its core constituency…Jewish voters…as Democrats who care about Israel, rather than as “Israeli voters” who tend to be Democrats.

     This seems to be a strategy to shift the balance of the Dual citizenship more toward the fulcrum of blurring the identity making it easier to pull the wool over the eyes of White Americans much as Communists do by calling themselves Liberals or Democrats.

     Not so bad.  Appearing as much American as Jewish or Israeli leaves them more vulnerable to persuasion or criticism.  While it is hard for a White to criticize a Jew and risk being defamed as an anti-Semite, as an ‘American’ who happens to love Biblical Hebrews much as do fundamentalist Christians, the Jew can then be persuaded or criticized as an American.  He goes naked as were, much as the cop without his gun.

     So maybe it is time for Jews to announce their ‘primary’ loyalty.  Are they primarily Americans or are they primarily Israelis?

     Gerstein seems to have trouble making up his mind regardless of what he says since he seems to be a national type of guy commuting between two shores.  Shall he go or shall he stay?  Is he one of us or one of them?  If us we have a few pertinent questions to put to him; if one them he can go.


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