Left, Right And Haters


Left, Right And Haters


R.E. Prindle


     We read with amusement that Pelosi, Reid et al., The United Morons Of America, intend to pass legislation barring  ‘haters’ from the serving in the military.  That’s rich.

     When Congress wanted to pass a law back in the fifties outlawing Communism the Reds scotched the idea.  McCarthyism.  Woo woo.  Now the master hypocrites want to pass laws outlawing the Right.  Get out.

     My only real regret is that this law wasn’t in effect in the fifties when I served.  Of course, in those distant happy untroubled days they coerced you into joining by the draft.  They didn’t care what you thought. Once in you were in for the duration, like it or not.  You could have hated all mankind including Lenin and Karl Marx and it wouldn’t have fazed them.

     In today’s Liberal paradise, get this:

The House passed plan calls for the immediate discharge of anyone associated with a hate group.

     As evidence of association with a hate group the House accepts emails or posting on line.  Hallelujah, Jesus Christ, Moses in the Bullrushes.    Good g-d almighty.  Not only would I have been gone in a flash, gone?, hell I would have been 4F and they would never have seen me.  Not only me but 95% of the Army and Navy.  Are you kidding?  The ranks would have been depleted.  And How!

     Who do Pelosi, Reid et al. think they’re going to be recruiting?  Hello Central, please connect them to reality.  The US will no longer have an Army.  I’d be out of Afghanistan in a trice.  Let me use that computer, sir, I have to post on line.  With no Army to back the tarts up a revolution of the right is incontestable.  With no ring of steel around the Red bastards they’re as good as gone.

     On with it, into the streets with the bastards.  Take back the government.  Down with the Commies.


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