Alfred Rosenberg In Rehab


Alfred Rosenberg In Rehab


R.E. Prindle

Rosenberg, Alfred: The Myth Of The Twentieth Century. OP

     Ever since the Bolshevik Revolution Americans have allowed Communists and Jews to tell them who were acceptable authors and what were acceptable books.  Thus many significant and worthwhile authors and books have been dumped into the ash can because they were contrary to Judaeo-Communist ideology.

     It is time both authors and books were revived- rehabilitated in Judaeo-Communist terminology. 

     Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard are two of these.  As maligned as they have been by our Red and Jewish friends it is as nothing compared to the German writer Alfred Rosenberg and his great work- The Myth Of The Twentieth Century.  His history is sound, his interpretation valid and his prognostications accurate.  Indeed as he suggested eighty years ago that international finance would be the West’s ruin so it is being  lamentably demonstrated as you read.

     The Myth is a great work while Rosenberg has been defamed for inappropriate reasons.  A piece of trash like Das Kapital is lauded as a product of genius even though the Communists created the horrific groundwork for the 20s, 30s and 40s.  The Nazis, of which Rosenberg was a spokesman came into existence in reaction to Communism.  They would not have existed otherwise.  For every person who died as a result of Nazism a half dozen or more perished because of Communism.  Indeed, the crimes of the whole era can be laid at the Communist doorstep.

      So, while Rosenberg was a Nazi it has no bearing on the crediblity of his work.  He far exceeds Marx in intellegence.

     He is capable of offering a brilliant piece of analysis such as this which of course will be rejected by the Judaeo-Communists but anyone dependent on their opinion is to be pitied as well as ultimately despised.  P. 69-70 of the Noontime Press edition:

     Science, however is also a product of the blood.  Everything which we commonly regard today as purely abstract science is the product of  (European) creativity.  The Nordic-European concept of organizing sequential events into a framework of universal laws is not simply some “idea-in-itself” which might have occured to any Mongol, Levantine or African.  Quite the contrary; this idea (which appeared in another form in Nordic Hellas) was confronted for thousands of years by the most frenetic hostility of the many alien races and their world views.  The idea of an inward and personal law was the deepest affront to every world picture constructed on the basis of the capricious tyranny of various systems of magic.  A science of our kind could as little emerge from the world picture offered in the Old Testament as it could from the witchcraft and demonology of the African.  It is the eternal antithesis which explains the struggle of the  Roman Church against (European) science….This (European) racial creation which we call science is not mere technology.  It is the product of a unique method of posing questions to the universe.  As Apollo faces Dionysus, so Copernicus, Kant and Goethe stand opposed to Augustine, Boniface VIII and Pius IX.  The Maenads and the phallic cults worked to the destruction of ancient Greek culture, and the Etruscan ideas of heaven and hell and wizardry blocked in every way they could the rebirth of the Nordic world vision.

     Of course the very use of the word Nordic will arouse the bigotry and hatred of Mongols, Semites and Africans.  Nevertheless as Rosenberg indicates and we should all be aware the struggle, the basis of the war, is science vs. superstition.  I recently saw it affirmed on Tablet Ezine that ‘God’ does indeed have a human body which is a ‘fact’, it was offered as, usually overlooked today.

     Oh, indeed!

     So, as should be clear the struggle is between Darwin and ‘the body of God’;  intelligence vs. superstition.  There can never be peace between two such diverse and opposing opinions.  One or the other must rule as Rosenberg understood and pointed out.  That is the heart of the struggle today.

     The Myth Of The Twentieth Century is an essential text for our times.  We must gird our loins and fight for the right lest ignorance triumph for all time.  Should we allow that to happen the crime will be ours not theirs.


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