Jews, Euroamericans And IQ


Jews, Euroamericans And IQ


R.E. Prindle

     We hear much about IQ these days.  Certain races are thought to have extra intelligence genes while others are said to be lacking them.  At the present Jews are claimed to have the highest IQ of all races due to their claim of genetic superiority.  They say they have an extra intelligence gene.  At the same time they say all other racial claims to genetic difference are totally nonsense.  Disconcerting at the best, confusing at the worst.

     The Jews say that this extra gene making them more intelligent than all other people in the world accounts for their presence in the most desirable professions  in the US.  But does it?  Lets look at IQ, race and population more closely.  All numbers are approximations.

     A year or so ago the Jews claimed that all Jews had the extra gene.  then it was pointed out that in Israel the average IQ  was only 89.  Caught out, the story was then changed that the Israelis were dumb but only the ‘Ashkenazi’ Jews had the extra gene and the 111 average IQ.

     What are ‘Ashkenazi’ Jews?  They are Jews that have been thouroughly Europeanized or Westernized.  They have adapted to Western Intelligence and this mostly was achieved since emancipation.  In other words they are, one would assume,  Jews in name only having been intellectually, if not culturally, assimilated to European methods of thinking.

     According to current opinion the intelligence hierarchy is Jews, Chinese, Europeans, Africans and others.  Thus the Europeans who have accomplished the most are relegated to the middle of the pack.  Europeans are claimed to have an average IQ of a hundred compared to the Jewish 111.  That’s why Euroamericans are underrepresented while Jews are overrepresented in ‘brain’ work, so it is said.

     In the US the Jews account for approximately 6 million people.  2% of 300 million = 6 million.  Euroamericans account for 210 millions.  70% of 300 million = 210.

     The average IQ for EAs is said to be 100.  It must follow that at least 50 million EAs have an IQ of say 120-140 which seems to be the range of merely above intelligence.  Above 140 is a miniscule percentage.

     Of the Jewish six million 3 to 4 million must be below 111 which is said to be the average not the median.  Therefor 60% of Jews cannot be above the EA average less the fifty million.

     That leaves 2 million Jews who might have an IQ of  from 120-140 and I don’t say it’s so.  Thus for every possible above average Jew there are a minimum of 25 above average Euroamericans.

     It follows then that even if, and I say, even if Jews actually have an average IQ of 111, you see I don’t believe it, that 2 million are in competion with 50 million Euroamericans.

     To say then that Jews are more heavily represented in the most desirable occupations because of superior intelligence must be a falsehood.  If 2 million exclude 50 million equals there must be another reason.

     BS obviously ranks near if not at the top of the list.


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