Ray Swings For The Fences


Ray Swings For The Fences


R.E. Prindle


     My alter ego, Ray, has once again taken exception to one of my scribblings.  This time Ray has is grossly offended by my essay James Watson, Africa And Consciousness.  Ray seldom reads carefully and then gets emotionally involved in his indignation.  He is often amusing.  Ray’s email in full:

     Wow.  Then you could get a job teaching the black kids.  You could tell then how dumb they are and teach  them to tie their shoes.  Then teach them how to shout out in unison,  “Thank you Mr. Prindle for your beneficence.”  Then you’d be just another phony government liberal stool pidgeon.  I knew you were a closet case.

     As you can see Ray likes to speak in riddles:  ‘another phony government liberal stool pidgeon.’  Stool pidgeon?  What can he mean by that?  He calls me a government liberal so I know Ray is serious about insulting me.  It is amusing that he thinks I would imitate the Great Black Hope by having kindergartners chant my praises as the Hope had done in New Jersey.  I can’t determine whether Ray is parodying the Hope or not.

     As for being a closet case he once again compares me to the Hope which is in the Liberal sense flattering,  I suppose.  I suppose he refers to the Hope’s addressing thousands of Outies in DC and all but proclaiming himself one of them.  Ah, that mysterious ‘we’ becomes more apparent.  Out first outed Pres.

     And Ray doesn’t notice that my concern isn’t Black kids.  My concern is White kids.  The Black kids have the hope to go bat for them.  My concern is rescueing White kids form degradation.  A mind is too precious a thing to waste nor should a good one be left behind.  What can be gained from constant homosexual indoctrination and diversity training?  Is that education for inquiring minds?  I don’t think so.  Should we reduce all to the lowest common denominator in the interest of ‘equality’?  Hardly. 

     It is unfortunate that not all IQs are equal, all consciousnesses not equally developed, but none of us can be held responsible for these unavoidable differences.  I certainly hope Ray doesn’t think I am just because I advocate allowing the capable to develop their God given abilities even though God has not granted those same qualities to all equally.

     Ray’s gripe is with God not me.


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