James Watson, Africa And Consciousness


James Watson, Africa And Consciousness


R. E. Prindle

Neumann, Erich: The Origins And History Of Consciousness, 1954, Princeton/Bollingen

In stationary cultures, or in primitive societies where the original features of human culture are still preserved, the earliest stages of man’s psychology predominate to such a degree that individual and creative traits are not assimilated by the culture.

Indeed, creative individuals possessed of a stronger consciousness are even branded by the collective as anti-social.

Neumann-Origins p. xix

…the personal, both collectively and individually, is a late product of evolution.

Neuman-Origins p. xx

     As James Watson said:  ‘The news coming out of Africa is not good.’  While concentration has been on IQs, that is only a part of the problem.  Africa constitutes a primitive society.  With only insignificant outside intrusion within the last thousand years or so Africa presented a stable unchanging society for the 150,000 years of Homo Sapiens existence.  The Africans remained unchanged, except by contact with outsiders, by the continuing evolution of consciousness in Europe and Asia.  They were completely unaware of it.  Thus they have small connection to the continuum of consciousness.

     When these primitives were introduced into a Western population that was itself rapidly evolving into scientific consciousness the resulting conflict went well beyond education or intelligence- IQ.  You can see why the Whites of  the Southern US who had intimate contact with them considered them a different species.  The Africans had and have a small connection to the evolution of consciousness.  That is why they oppose the concept of evolution.

     Nor have the Africans in America yet assimilated the development of consciousness that passed them by.  This more than anything constitutes the difference between European Americans and themselves.  There can be no assimilation to consciousness in the foreseeable future.  This means hundreds of years.

     As there is no possibility of Africans rising in consciousness they have no choice but to pull the more developed consciousness down and back.  This is the nature of the ‘racial’ conflict.  Detroit, Chicago’s Black Belt, Clayton County, Georgia and other Black population centers are not the result of discrimination or White policies.  They are the result of the intrinsic lack of evolved consciousness on the part of Africans.  They cannot manage complex urban situations.

     This difference, along with IQ, must be recognized.  It is criminal and socially destructive to compel advanced consciousness Whites to school with the primitive African consciousness.   Either the Blacks must feel inferior and inconsequential or the Whites must be dumbed down to the African level.  To compel the schooling will achieve only the negation of civilization and a return to pre-European Africa.  Whites must be schooled separately from Africans.

     It is imperative that this be done immediately while the worship of black skin be discouraged and discontinued.

     Act now!



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