Race War: Dateline Detroit


Race War:  Dateline Detroit


R.E. Prindle


     The Ayers-Obama Negro Administration has elected to give Black citizens of Detroit 15,000,000 dollars cash on the barrelhead.  The exoteric side is that the Black citizens of Detroit line up to get applications to fill out to make a claim on this money.  I haven’t seen one of this forms.  They may have some very objectionable clauses.  They may be too difficult for the average person, let alone Negro, to fill out correctly, dot all the i-s and cross all the t-s.

      One has the feeling that the long line is for show.

     On the esoteric side no doubt Ayers-Obama has debts to pay for past services to key people.  They aren’t going to use their own money that’s for sure.  Undoubtedly the bulk of the money was already designated for a couple or a few hundred people who had to be rewarded.  If so, they’ve already filed.  For all we know maybe even one or two individuals are to get the bulk.  To cover the trail receipts will be dummied  up concealing the crime.  perhaps the amount given to pawns will be for 100.00 changed to 1,000.00 behind the scenes.  That way the Pederast Party will be able to show the money was disbursed properly.

     Ayers-Obama are part of ACORN.  ACORN has been proven to be criminal from top to bottom.  You can expect no less from the connected Ayers-Obama Negro Administration.

     Having gotten away with this first of act of ostensible largesse for the purpose of ‘redeeming mortgages and paying utilility bills’ the next step will be to give Chicago’s Black Belt 100,000,000 where Ayers-Obama have got some real debts to pay.   They fiddled the Annenbergs of CAC so why not you and me.  Ayers-Obama are used to working with middling sums.  And then there’s Atlanta-Clayton County, Birmingham, Harlem and on ad nauseum.  They’re all due reparations too.

     Whites have been accused of making Negroes dependent through their Welfare Policies as though Negroes have been innocent bystanders.  The Ayers-Obama reparations program will make welfare dependence look like marijuana compared to heroin.  No, no.  Negroes are ‘masters of their fates and captains of their souls.’  What is is what is.  Dig it Brothers and Sisters.

     Bigger crimes are to follow. 


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