Fritz Lang, Dr. Mabuse And The Protocols Of Zion


Fritz Lang, Dr. Mabuse

And The Protocols Of Zion


R.E. Prindle


     For whatever reason the Jews deny authorship of the nineteenth century version of their aspirations.  They have repetition compulsion that their mentor Sigmund Freud should have pointed out to them.  It serves no purpose to argue the Protocols today, technology has moved well beyond the primitive print based Protocols.

     Fritz Lang, the German movie maker, put the Protocols on a modern basis in his two movies: Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler of the early twenties and its sequel The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse of the early thirties.  While neither the Protocols nor Dr. Mabuse mention the Jews they took offence at the Protocols but not Dr. Mabuse which is more pointed.

     It seems more than clear that Dr. Mabuse is based on Dr. Sigmund Freud.  In Testament Dr. Baum, who becomes Dr. Mabuse, is a psychiatrist whose office seems quite like that of Dr. Freud.  The Protocols make no reference to psychology which didn’t exist per se at the time they were written but Lang seems to have the whole thing figured out from the psychological point of view.  His Dr. Mabuse is seeking to create an Empire Of Crime.  You may think Freud wasn’t but Freud was a devotee of the arch Jewish criminal, organized crime, Jacob Frank of the eighteenth century.  If you don’t think Freud had criminal intent you should study his notion of the unconscious carefully and then compare it with the late nineteenth century version of the Europeans.  Theirs was productive while Freud’s is destructive.  Impossible actually.

     According to Lang Dr. Mabuse’s goal was to destabilize society until total chaos ensued and from that chaos the Empire of Crime would arise.  Sounds like the Portocols, doesn’t it?   Senseless crimes and murders were to excite the populace while the destabilization of the currency would create havoc and chaos.  In those days Lang thought in terms of counterfeiting currency as the means.  Had he known of the US Federal Reserve System which is wholly owned and operated by the International Jews he would have known that possessing the plates it was only necessary to print unlimited numbers of dollars to do the same without fear of criminal consequences.  The Federal Reserve operates outside and above the Law.  Such has been done today; the consequences await us.  It is now too late to stop or divert the process.

     Few non-Jews have grasped how evil Freud was while I’m convinced that what Henry Ford called the International Jews do know and are implementing Freud’s program.

     Freud was a hateful little bastard.  During the years between 1900 and 1915 he was a member of the International Order of B’nai B’rith, the Jewish brotherhood akin to the Freemasons.  B’nai B’rith was formed in the United States shortly after the Morgan affair discredited the Masons in the early nineteenth century.

     In conjunction with the Vienna chapter to whom he lectured frequently they updated the Protocols to modern psychology, technology and science.  To make an issue of the Protocols beyond this point is merely to drag the red herring.

     During those years they worked out the criminal program that Lang portrays in the two Mabuse movies.  Whether Lang worked out the program himself or was in on it isn’t clear to me.  His movie, The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse may be taken as a warning or an instruction manual.  Certainly in 1943 when Arthur Miller first saw it the movie was intended as an instruction manual.  Filmed in 1932 this program is being executed before our eyes in 2009 seventy-seven years after.

     Both movies are readily available on DVD at reasonable prices.  I recomment the ‘loyal opposition’ to the Ayers-Obama criminal administration to buy and study the movies carefully.  Nice stuff at any rate.


2 comments on “Fritz Lang, Dr. Mabuse And The Protocols Of Zion

  1. Or perhaps it’s just another version of Faust, unless you’re another uneducated Jew-hating racist maniac that should have died out a long time ago.

  2. My Dear: In speaking of education you should have realized by now that ‘Jew-hating racist maniacs’ are usually very well educated and informed. From my reading they always know what they’re talking about and are seldom off the mark.

    Be that as it may: even if Dr. Mabuse were a variation on the Faust theme that doesn’t explain the content or the blatant statement that Mabuse is establishing an empire of crime. viz. the pornographic empire of Hollywood.

    Nor would that explain why Goebbels outlawed the film or why Lang cannily made an extra copy in French because he guessed that the film would be suppressed.

    And finally, perhaps Freud thought he had made a deal with Mephistopheles and believed himself an agent of Satan.

    You are entitled to your opinions so enjoy them. May you have a long and totally depressed life.

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