Globalism, Projection And Cognitive Dissonance


Globalism, Projection And Cognitive Dissonance


R.E. Prindle

     Europe and America say they are going to impose sanctions on Iran over nuclear weapons?  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.   Don’t they realize what year this is?

     When I was a kid we were compelled to sit and pray every day for the poor Chinese and Indians who had so little when we had so much.  The mantra was that we could never enjoy our plenty while others had so little.  Coming from the orphanage as I did I thought this prayer was both hypocritical and laughable.

     Well, those prayers were more than efficacious nonetheless.  Today the Indians and Chinese have all the money in the world while America is not only insolvent but has debt of which it is ludicrous to believe that a penny of it will ever be repaid.  Talk about cognitive dissonance.

     That’s the good news.  The good news is that we gave what we had to the Chinese and Indians and now that their tummies are full they don’t give a fat rat’s ass whether we have anything to eat or not.  They can be quite content knowing their plates are full while ours aren’t.

     We have built up the industrial prowess of India and China and that prowess is not fueled either by wind or Obama’s hot air;  it is fueled by oil.  OIL.  How the Liberals hate that word.

     The two Asian behemoths with three to five times our population either do or are on the way to using more oil than the West.  Let me ask a question: when was the last time the US bought Iranian oil?  Now, let me ask another question:  Sanctions?  What sanctions?  Asians are being given African crop lands; China is taking over Africa itself so neither food nor oil is going to be a problem.  If the West doesn’t buy Iranian oil do they care.  Do we believe China and India won’t take all they can get and more?  China makes everything in the West’s stores; does anyone believe they can’t supply Iran as well?  Let me ask that question once more:  Sanctions?  What sanctions?

     Hello, hello: Earth to Europe and America. that is Globalism in this twenty-first century.  Get used to it.  Please try to get in contact with the real world.  We’re all waiting.


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