Jews, Marx And Flying Saucers


Jews, Marx And Flying Saucers


R.E. Prindle

     Seth Lipsky in his review of Norman Podhoretz’ Why Are Jews Liberals in the online Tablet Magazine quotes the Catholic writer, G.K. Chesterton as observing:  “When men stop believing in God they don’t believe in nothing; they believe in anything.”

     Lipsky’s comment is that the Jews didn’t believe in anything they believed in Marx.  Lipsky misses the point- Chesterton included Marxism under the category ‘Anything.’  Marxism by any standard is a stretcher.  If you’re going to believe in Marx you may as well believe in Flying Saucers; in fact, a great many people do believe in Flying Saucers and for the same reason.

     Witness the popular film of the early fifties- The Day The Earth Stood Still- recently remade.  A more impressive film on first viewing than it is on subsequent viewings.  Rather tedious actually.

     The Day The Earth Stood Still is a  virtual metaphor for the Second Coming of Christ.  Klaatu didn’t do any better than the original.  The motivations of the believers in deliverance from outer  space aren’t any different than the believers in deliverance from some stupid ideology.

     Lipsky quotes Podhoretz as asking:  The question then arises of why Jews who joined the radical camp were not put off by the egregious anti-Semitism of Marx.  He then quotes Rosa Luxembourg as gratuitously asking:  Why do you come with your special Jewish sorrows?

      Well, there you have it.  Jews and Flying Saucer nuts are seeking ‘Close Encounters Of  The Third Kind,’  Redemption, deliverance from their special sorrows, the Second Coming, a trip in that old Gospel ship to a land way beyond the stars.’

     It isn’t necessary to try that hard, Seth; the answers are much more down to earth than one might think on first blush.


2 comments on “Jews, Marx And Flying Saucers

  1. Please, I was back in the 50s when the Jewish Americans were attracted to Marx. The reason was simple. America treated the Jewish American population like the Afracin Americans. They were looking for something to believe in since America had failed to accept them. It was hope nothing more. It wasn’t Marx it was what he touted, a type of equality for all forced on the people by the state. As far as Flying Saucers It is true some see religion in flying saucer but most seek an answer to what they saw. When you see a flying saucer like I did in the daytime you remember it for the rest of your life and as you contemplate what it meas you realize that someone out there survived to travel to the starts of course it gives you hope and some fear also.
    I don’t like gereralzaions like yours. Most of the Jews I knew in the fifties did not like communisim but felt there was a great deal of work to do in America twoard equality. They were right.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  2. Joe: Oh, that old canard equality, that red herring, that decoy. Equality, hey? OK. Let’s talk about equality. Your reply gives the impression that you are Jewish so I suppose you’ve been indoctrinated on the greatest of all Americans, Henry Ford.

    You will recall that there was a great war between Henry Ford and ‘the Jews’ from 1920 to 1927. In this war there was one man against eighteen million Jews plus millions of White Jewish auxiliaries. How’s that for equality?

    In one pairing of champions William Fox took on the redoubtable and heroic Ford. William Fox is of course the Fox at the end of Twentieth-Century Fox. The Fox news network, home of Bill O’ Reilly and Glenn Beck today, bears William Fox’s name. Weird, huh?

    At the time Fox was the most successful movie studio of them all. Then his own Jewish finance capital wizards dismantled his empire to be replaced by MGM; but that’s another story.

    Fox took the time honored route of defamation to combat Ford. At that time Fox news shorts in theatres were nearly universal. Fox cut all Fords from his movies while in his newsreels week after week he filmed every accident he could find in which a Ford was involved. Ford Fought back with his Dearborn Independent articles. He would have been the equal of eighteen million Jews except that he was cut down from behind by the Liberal creeps of his own people.

    He didn’t whimper and he didn’t cry. That was the equality you’re talking about.

    What you confuse with equality is acceptance. You say that people do not have the right to mix with the people they want to mix with. You are opposed to Free Choice. You say people cannot exclude people they don’t want. You’re undemocratic in that you want to use the Law to force those they don’t desire on them.

    Jews have always been equal in the United States but intrusion into exclusive circles is another matter.

    Just wanted to clear that up.

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