Why Are Jews Liberals?


Why Are Jews Liberals?


R.E. Prindle


     Amongst a rash of articles in Tablet Magazine appearing recently is one titled as above.  Another is The Long Goodbye- Norman Podhoretz Unravels The Mystery Of Jewish Attachment To Liberalism.

     The first is a symposium of Jewish writers while the second is credited to Seth Lipsky.  Neither article comes within a mile of the truth.  Conservatism is usually involved, with Consevatism as a firm idenitification with a national ideal- both of people and country.  As an international people distributed, for our purposes, through Europe and North America, Jews have a Jewish identity, hence little or nothing in common with nationals.  They identify themselves with internationalists or globalists, the discontented or, to use their own term, the oppressed.  They hence work against the interests of the contented or nationalists in an attempt to undermine their authority so as to displace them substituting themselves in their stead.   Jews call this assimilation.  Thus, in every country the Jews align themselves with the ‘revolutionary’ elements.

    The People of Freud and Critical Theory seem unable to grasp this truth about themselves.

     According to Jewish writers the Jews are always innocent victims, the hapless targets of drive by shooters.  Thus they no involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution, the Hungarian and Crimean atrocities or the barbarities performed in Russia.  They project their own evil on the gentiles.  It never occurs to them that they are responsible for the Nazi reaction.   They don’t seem to be aware that they as Communists began the street fighting in German that was met by the Volkist reaction.

     In another Tablet article by Adam Kirsch titled:  Awakenings, Mr. Kirsch seems to be unaware of Jewish involvement in the terrorist campaign that resulted in the overthrow of the legitimate Russian government in 1917.  As he myopically puts it:

     (In 1917) The Czarist empire, devastated by the First World War, abruptly collapsed…

     Yes, well, there is an element of truth in that brief synopsis.  He then summarizes:

     Thus, once again the innocent Jews suffer atrocities. 

     Needless to say as the core of the Bolshevik Revolution the Jews, themselves, were not behindhand in committing atrocities.  Amongst many others was their role in the attempt to make the Crimea a Jewish homeland.   This, of course, involved the complete extermination, that is genocide, of the existing population.  this genocide was well underway when scotched by that devil, Stalin.

     The deeds in the Crimea, as well as Hungary and Russia have of course been well hidden by Jews.  They have been able if not to expunge the historical record at least to well conceal it except to the terminally curious.  Interestingly Whittaker Chambers was hired to translate the record of Hungarian atrocities.

     The reaction of Hitler then was not as irrational as it may seem.  Hitler was well up on history as his comment ‘Who now remembers the Armenians? indicates.

     So, the six million was merely one incident in the long Jewish-European conflict.  The Jews have little or nothing to complain of except of course that the life of a goy is worth less than the fingernail of the fourth finger of a Jewish left hand.  The crime then is that no matter how many people died between 1914 and 1953 six million of them, we are told, were Jews.

     Now, the world has pretty much gotten on with its business since then; not so the Jews.  They have become absessed with the events of WWII, or certain events, such as the extermination camps.  Forget that Crimean genocide, they weren’t Jews; we’re talking Jewish genocide here,

     In the wake of WWII the Jews turned the whole world Nazi or Fascist.  Hitlers were found under every bed.  A great longing for vengeance- on the world- consumed and corrupted the Jewish soul.  The longing found expression from time to time, not least in the scheme of Noel Ignatiev to exterminate the whole White population of the world.

     Now comes Marissa Brostoff with the Tablet article- Retribution Reconsidered.

          The current rage for killing Nazis on screen- as employed by the Ed Zwick feature Defiance, and last month’s Inglourious Basterds – has made its way to the stage with ‘The Retributionists, an off-Broadway play that opened in New York Monday.  This time, the action unfolds after the war is over, when a band of former partisan fighters reunites to plan revenge on a major scale.  “It’s very simple,” says Anika, a leader of this pack.  “We’ll poison the citizens of Germany, and when we have killed as many of them as they did us, we will rest.”

     If I didn’t know Jews have never been guilty of the Blood Libel I would have to say  the Jews themselves are reviving it here.  While the Jews have always claimed that a whole people can’t be held responsible for the actions of a few here they throw that notion overboard and go after German citzens.  Wow!  Can I risk the term hypocrisy without being turned out of society as an anti-Semite?

     Nevermind that because of the Nazis the nation of Germany was bombed flat; nevermind the Rape of Strasburg when the French turned their African savages loose to rape and abuse non-offending German women; nevermind that contrary to self-serving Western reports that Germans in the millions were left to starve or freeze to death; no, no nevermind all that,  the loveable unoffending, innocent Jews are going to poison the wells until a carpet of German bodies covers the nation.  How wrong were those poor deluded anti-Semites who always accused Jews of canard atrocities?  Possibly some rotten goys have infiltrated the synagogue to make Jews look bad by staging the Retributionists?

     Well, a goy didn’t.  The young Canadian playwright Daniel Goldfarb is so credited.  What’s uppermost in Dan’s mind?

     ‘I almost wish we could go back” to wartime, Dinchka, the baby of the group tells Anika. (In one of the play’s overlapping love triangles, Dinchka was once involved with both Anika and Anika’s now-fiance, Dov.)  “When it was natural and normal and right to love you both…I wish we could go back to the ghetto.

     Right!  What’s six million compared to a good fuck?

     How long are we going to put up with this bushwa?



5 comments on “Why Are Jews Liberals?

  1. “Interestingly Whittaker Chambers was hired to translate the record of Hungarian atrocities.”

    He was? What is the book? If so, I cannot recall it at all.

    – David Chambers (grandson of Whittaker Chambers)

  2. Are you serious? I haven’t read the book in years. Might be in the index if it has one. Other wise it is included in his early years about the early twenties as I recall. He was living on Long Island or NY somewhere. It gets about a paragraph or maybe two.

    Have you tried the library of congress under Chambers, trans.?

  3. No luck in Witness. I have searched for “Hungarian,” “atrocit-” and “translat-” with no luck.

    There is no listing of a translation that involves Hungarian atrocities by Whittaker Chambers in the online catalog of the Library of Congress. Translators are harder to find than authors, so it is possible that his name does not appear readily…

    Any other leads?

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