The 9/11 Conspiracy And Paying The Law


The 9/11 Conspiracy And Paying The Law


R.E. Prindle


     There is a nagging suspicion that something is not right in the explanation of 9/11.  There always seems to be a couple pieces missing from the puzzle or some being swept under the rug.

     I have always assumed that the conspirtors just got lucky in that the towers fell down; just a coincidence.  But then the planes were fully loaded with jet fuel.  The fire was instensely hot; I’ve been told in the range of 3500 degrees at which p0int the steel structure would melt.  But I can’t believe the religious fanatics who flew into the tower ever knew that.  I can’t believe the Moslems thought that all out.  I think they thought they would knock the towers over.

     That kind of planning must have come from somewhere else.   The Moslems were just patsies to pay the law.  One asks the question how the Israelis and Jews knew the attack was going to take place?  We know they knew because they had their cameras in place at just the right angle to film it.  I have no doubt that the film arrived at the TV stations so promptly because of them.  I mean, why would anyone have their movie camera trained on the towers for several minutes or even hours to catch that exact moment?

     Now, if the Israelis and Jews knew of the exact moment in advance was it because spies had gotten the secret from loose lips or was it because Israeli agents had cooked up the scheme and suggested it to Arab networks who recruited fanatics while the Saudis funded the scheme which was covertly directed by the Israelis and Jews.  If the Israelis knew did they advise President Bush?  Is that why he vacated the White House that morning and was down in Florida playing teacher to kindergartners?

    Who else but Moslems and Jews wanted such a masterstroke against the Empire and was able to do it?  Our eyes turn toward Chicago where a nasty little man named Bill Ayers festered.  Ayers had a history of bombing America.  He even had previously bombed one of the targets- the Pentagon.  He very probably was in on the planning to rob the Brinks Truck in the nineties.  As the leader of the Weather Underground he must have formed alliances or relationships with all the terrorist groups White, Black, Moslem or Jewish.

      It may be a coincidence that his book celebrating his earlier terrorism, Fugitive Days, was released at the time of 9/11 in which he is shown in a Chicago alley dancing on an American flag.  The flag on the ground may have symbolized the twin towers in his mind.


     Perhaps the earlier fertilizer bombing of the foundations of the tower by Arabs drew his attention to the towers as a symbol of the America he hated.   Now, the crime was so heinous with the potential of tens of thousands of deaths and billions of billions of dollars in damage that it was necessary to direct attention elsewhere- find someone to pay the law- be a Fall Guy.  The Moslems were so dumb they were eager to accept the role.

     To pay the law is a criminal concept made known by the nineteenth century French crime writer, Paul Feval.  For every crime committed the law requires a conviction so that in planning the crime the criminals also set up a victim to pay the law so that the case can be closed and the search for the real perps ended.  Thus Lee Harvey Oswald paid the law for the assassination of Kennedy.  As he himself said, he was just a patsy, the sacrifice, the paid stamp that ended the investigation. 

     I think the Arabs while certainly guilty while being dupes paid the law for the perps of the WTC.  There was no need to look further even though there is plenty of evidence for the complicity of others.


     Quite probably any further inquiry will be baffled by the interested parties but the tracks do lead to the Israelis and Jews, Ayers and Chicago.   If you haven’t figured out yet that the Weather Underground is now in the White House, look at it closely again.



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