Bill And Bernie & Barry And Michelle


Bill And Bernie & Barry And Michelle


R.E. Prindle

     On September 8, 2009 Barry Obama is scheduled to address the school children of America in their classrooms over TV as per the link above.  To what does this point?  To the very close connection between Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Barry and Michelle Obama.

     Everything Obama has done and is doing was undoubtedly hatched in bull sessions in Chicago in the late nineties and early century.  Ayers reinvented himself as an educationist after the dismissal of the criminal charges against him on a technicality.  As Ayers said:  Guilty as sin.  Free as a bird.  It is interesting that Obama calls anyone who disagrees with his program a Domestic Terrorist while he refuses to call Ayers a terrorist.  As he said of Ayers understandingly:  You can do some pretty terrible things when you believe is something strongly.  Obviously Obama equates murder, mayhem and destruction as equivlent to disagreeing with himself.

     Now, Ayers has established himself as a prominent educational theorist, concentrating on the beginning grades.  He pushes hard to teach homosexuality to kindergartners.  The theory is as the twig is bent the tree will incline.  Obama doesn’t intend to quit in 2012 so he’s got a whole generation to condition to his beliefs.  The theory being that in twenty years his beliefs will be societal beliefs.

     Obama had no educational interests before he met Ayers and Dohrn.  Previously he had been a professional African and then lawyer immersed in Constitutional Theory.  Where do his educational ideas come from?  Obviously Ayers.  Frankenstein created his monster and Ayers has created his.

     Now, certain things must follow.  Ayers, Dohrn and the Obamas hate America and White people.  They both were and are prepared to engage in criminal behavior to achieve their ends.

     Ayers is a homosexual and rapist.  He once lured a UMichigan coed into his attic apartment where he forced her to have intercourse with an elder Negro while he took sloppy seconds.

     Bernardine Dohrn in her Weather Underground days used sex as a tool.  In other words she screwed men to achieve political ends.  In simple terms she prostituted her favors.

     Ayers wants White women to have sex with Black men.  It would seem obvious that he offered Bernie to Barry.  The next step is then Bill and Michelle and then Bill and Barry and Michelle and Bernie.

     Did this happen?  If you throw in drugs and we know Bill and Bernie have vast experience with drugs and druggies.  Obama has admitted to drug use.  Would they have used drugs together?  Sure.  Why not?  Add drugs to sex and anything is both possible and probable.

     How well did Bill and Bernie and the Obamas know each other?  Very well indeed I think, as Barry implements Bill’s educational ideas.


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