Da Capo: Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution


Da Capo:  America’s Unfinished Revolution


R.E. Prindle





In historical order:

1.   Africans sell Africans to the West.

2.   Africans set to work in the US per terms of sale.

3.   USA fights CSA over Africans.

4.   US imposes ‘Reconstruction’ on defeated CSA according to law.

5.   CSA imposes Jim Crow on Africans.  (N.B. Jim Crow was a lawful state of affairs.)

6.   Period of discrimination.

7.   African revolt begins c. 1954

8.   Civil Rights Act of 1965 kicks off armed rebellion of Africans.

9.   Barack Obama is elected president in 2008.

10. The completion of  America’s Unfinished Revolution begins.

     The whole series of events resulted in an insatiable desire for revenge by Africans with point 1.  The key period is 4. Reconstruction in which the USA strips Whites of the CSA of any rights imposing African rule on them.  This was quasi-legal but still done in a lawful manner.  Beware of laws.

     The Whites threw off the African yoke using the legal system to impose Jim Crow laws on Africans as Get Whitey laws had been imposed on them by USA.  Jim Crow was a defensive maneuver against Reconstruction laws.

     In 10. Obama will reimpose Reconstruction laws on the White population thus completing the unfinished revolution.  This is a psychological necessity for the Africans and must be resisted by ‘any means necessary.’

     Apparently Obama’s ‘Health Care Bill’ is a grim joke and key legal maneuver to strip Whites of any rights, subjugating them to the Africans.

     Now, in my essay: Greil Marcus, Bob Dylan, Bill Ayers and Barack Obama, I pointed out that Obama, at the very least, knew of 9/11 before it happened and allowed it to happen.  This is now confirmed by Bobby Eberle’s essay linked above.  Bear in mind the historical outlines of Negro history in the US.

     On 9/11 of this year Obama is calling on his supporters to pressure the Senators to pass the Health Care Bill, now.  How are the two items reconciled?  It is a fact that on 9/11/01 the United States was attacked with the WTC towers being destroyed.  I am nearly sure Obama knew of the attack beforehand- he and Ayers for sure, probably Marcus and possibly Dylan although Dylan may have been used.  Doubtful.

     If the Health Care Bill is meant to deprive Whites of their rights or enslave them, then that is why Obama links  9/11 with the Bill.  In other words this is the follow up attack everyone has been expecting.  With a whimper not a bang.

     In an attempt to polarize the country (tactics from the Jewish culture) Obama’s website (view Eberle’s article) is characterizing the ‘loyal opposition’ as Right Wing Domestic Terrorists.  As we all know we are at war with ‘Terrorism’ but we aren’t allowed to call the Moslems terrorists.  It now becomes clear who Obama thinks the terrorists are.  This is now transparent.  Obama promised us transparency.  It also tells you who he thinks his friends and enemies are.

     There is no longer any question.  Obama should be put on a plane and flown back to his beloved Kenya on ‘the Continent.’  His day is over.


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