Critical Theory, Western Civilization And Judaism


Critical Theory, Western Civilization And Judaism


R.E. Prindle

     Robert M. Seiler of UCalgary defines the attitude of Critical Theory as well as anyone.

     He say:

     What makes critical scholarship different from interpretative scholarship is that it interprets the acts and the symbols of society in order to understand the ways in which various social groups are oppressed.

     If one assumes as Mr. Seiler says critical theory does, one always has various oppressed social groups then oppressed social groups are a social constant.  They’re always there.  Therefore the meaning of change to Critical Theory is to replace one set of oppressed groups with another.  The problem of Critical Theory then is to displace the dominant order of society with another dominator.  One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.

     Critical Theory defines this social warfare as ‘social justice’ although one dominant oppressor is surely just as unjust as another.  We have some very faulty reasoning here.

     It should be clear that Critical Theory is a Jewish movement to displace the dominant Western Culture and replace it with Jewish Culture.  One would to be stupid not see that there is no Western oppression of Jews or Judaism.  Jews are the most prosperous group in the West.  Hence any oppression in the Jewish mind is a figment of the Jewish imagination.  Jews only feel oppressed because they do not dominate Western society.

     Mr. Seiler:

Critical approaches examine social conditions in order to uncover hidden structures.

     This is an absurd statement as Critical Theory has always been a hidden structure.   Jewish intents have always been masked and dissimulated.  So what Mr.  Seiler should say is that as a hidden structure Jewish Critical Theory intends to expose Western ideals to unremitting criticism  in an attempt to undermine the West in favor of itself.

     The question is which social system is more just- the Jewish or the Western.

     As an example of the consequences of Jewish dominance I point to the Free Speech Movement  on the UC Berkeley  campus of 1964-66.

     Prior to the Jewish victory not for Free Speech but over Free Speech UC Berkeley was a free university in speech, thought and action.   After the Jewish conquest speech and thought was forced into Jewish channels.  Commissars were set up at tables at Sather Gate before whom one had to check in one’s manhood essentially pledging allegiance to Judaism.  Thus Jewish ideals replaced Western ideals.  Freedom per se was restricted and not augmented or even maintained.

     If one failed to submit to the Jewish Commissars following Critical Theory the hidden structure of UC society was brought to bear to expel the dissident, drive he or she away.  The university was effectively in the hands of teaching assistants.  The so-called professors were merely figureheads.  After the Jewish accession the TAs were under their control.  Now in power Jews oppressed all who dissented from their plans.  They were forced out.

     This is what Critical Theory means,  using the so-called ‘oppressed’ as tools to allow them to displace liberal Western ideals and substitute totalitarian Judaism.

     Anti-Semitism is a Critical Theory construct that doesn’t exist.  Ignore it.






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