Critical Theory, The Frankfurt School And Social Transformation


Critical Theory, The Frankfurt School And Social Transformation


R.E.  Prindle


     This is a continuation of my previous essay: The Frankfurt School On The Hudson (see link above.)

     Mr. Kirsch writes:

     Critical Theory…adapted the revolutionary impulse of Marxism to 20th century conditions, in which mass culture and totalitarianism seemed to shut off any real possibility of social transformation.

     A truly coded sentence.  Marxism was totalitarianism so that if totalitarianism shut off social transformation then Mr. Kirsch is talking about something other than Communism.  Communism was also social transformation personified so there was no blockage there.  Mr. Kirsch must mean that another form of social transformation was desired.  Mass culture shutting off social transformation is pure nonsense.  Mass culture is also social transformation personified.   Mr. Kirsch must mean that totalitarianism was resistance to Judaeo-Communisms and that mass culture had to be transformed to Jewish cultural dominance.  This has in fact happened.

     The leaders of Critical Theory, Adorno, Benjamin, Marcuse, Fromm and Horkheimer were all Communist Jews.  So what sort of social transformation were they seeking?  The coming of the Jewish Messiah in the form of the Jewish people as a whole was scheduled for the years 1913-28.  Adapting the Marxist revolution to the Jewish revolution would seem to be the social transformation desired.  Perhaps that is what is meant by adapting Marxism to twentieth century realities.

     The ‘weapon’ of these Jews was the intellectual subversion of Western Culture by relentless condemnation of anything non-Jewish.  What they choose to call criticism.  This was backed the potent charge of anti-Semitism if anyone criticized Critical Theory.  In that sense the United States with its tradition of tolerance, inclusion and open mindedness was a sitting duck waiting to be coaxed to its destruction.

     Curse the KKK.  God bless homosexuals.  Just keeping my credentials in order.  See?  I’m OK.

     The Frankfurt School arrived in the US in the mid-thirties.  Seventy years later after trashing American culture, the freest in the world, as totalitarian, Fascist and even Nazi through relentless criticism of everything non-Jewish the Frankfurt School has been able to hypnotize the average American into believing that he or she is The Ugly American responsible for all the evils of the world past, present and future.

     Just say NO.

     Throw off the Jewish yoke and toss it into the dumpster.  Anti-Semitism is a social construct and does not exist.





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