Bomber Billy Ayers: Advocate Of Polite Political Discussion


Bomber Billy Ayers:

Advocate Of Polite Political Discussion


R.E. Prindle


     Bomber Billy Ayers and his Pederast Party have done a remarkable turnabout.  The Bomber since putting his creature Barack Obama into the White House now believes it is unpatriotic to question the doctrines of a President Of The United States Of America.  Further he believes that anything resembling a protest is a Fascist Act. 

     This a  new Bomber.  This is certainly not the Bomber Billy Ayers we knew and detested in the sixties and seventies.  Oh no!  At that time the Bomber was bombing, killing, thieving, raising social anarchy that created social mayhem in his native Chicago in ’68.  Whatever destruction he wrought he later said it wasn’t enough.  There should have been more, much more, something along the lines of the World Trade Center.  He got away with it too.  ‘Guilty as sin, free as a bird.  What a great country!’   He said.

     While the bomber was drawing up assassination lists, blowing up the Pentagon and robbing Brinks trucks, his cohorts out West at U.C. Berkeley were very unsocially destroying property, occupying buildings and disrupting the education of tens of thousands of other students.  They called that the Free Speech Movement which meant shut up and pay attention to what we want.  To hell with everybody else.

    One could go on very nearly endlessly with example after example.  Suffice it to say that because this very small minority, no larger than the Communist Party, saw things differently they justified their crimes by resurrecting that old dead White crank, Henry David Thoreau and his doctrine of Civil Disobedience- if you don’t like a law, break it.  A fine example they set.

     Well, no more!  Bomber Billy has installed his creature acting out the Bomber’s puerile political notions and he demands no voice be raised in dissent.

     Never mind the vulgarities and threats heaped on Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, or Ronald Reagan.  Never mind the myriad assassination attempts made on those presidents.  Those attempts were justified in the Pederasts’ mind.  Now they live in fear that some ‘bigot’, some crazed White Supremacist, worse yet some Fascist Nazi or Nazi Fascist is going to take a pot shot at the new President.   In pre-Obama America all those crimes were legitimate expressions of political discontent; in post-Obama America they represent the lunatic fringe.

     Who can pay attention to Bomber Billy Ayers and his Pederast Party.  His creature is a joke if not the Joker. 

     We don’t want the bomber, we don’t want his creature and we don’t want the idiotic policies of the Pederast Party.  Talking to them is like talking to a door.

     To put it as politely as I can without raising my voice:  TAKE A HIKE.


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