What Is More Important- Art Or Integrity?


What Is More Important- Art Or Integrity?


R.E. Prindle



     Curator Baruch Tenembaum on the 150th birthday of the Norwgian novelist, Knut Hamsun, asked the above question.  What is more important- art or integrity.  A difficult if not a trick question.  One must ask the question what is art and what is integrity and who is asking it?

     Mr. Tenembaum is the curator of the Raoul Wallenberg  Foundation.  Obviously a Jewish outfit.  One might think the occasion of his asking was to comment on Elie Wiesel (assumed name) and his so-called autobiography, Night, which has been proven to have been falsified by the author.  In that case I would have thought integrity was more important than art.  If art only was involved Wiesel should have called his book a novel and avoided the integrity charge.

     But no, Mr. Tenembaum is discussing Knut Hamsun, the Norwegian novelist, but he is not questioning the quality of the art of this Nobel Prize winner.  One imagines that his question concedes the quality of Hansum’s art and its integrity.

     So, the question of integrity concerns the politics of Mr. Hansum during the Second World War.  It seems that taking a balanced point of view Mr. Hamsun chose to support Hitler rather than Stalin.  Mr. Tenembaum believes Hamsun’s beliefs make him a ‘criminal.’  He finds it incredible that Mr. Hamsun could support ‘one of the most sinister regimes in history.’  Well, yes, one of the most sinister regimes in history.  Another was the equally or even more sinister Communist Stalin regime in the Soviet Union. 

     Mr. Tenembaum’s evaluation of the Hitler regime may be correct however Hitler’s regime was no less sinister than the Communist Stalin regime in the Soviet Union.  I believe the sinister Stalin regime was universally supported by Jews and their Liberal fellow travelers.  Both improbably denied Stalinist crimes or justified them making them both accessories after the fact and consequently criminals themselves.  Yet there has been no rush to denounce either Stalin or Communism.  Quite the contrary, apologetics for both Stalin and Communism are written by Jews and Liberals today.

     So, let us say that integrity is not of concern here but only art.  No one denies that Knut Hamsun is an artist so there is no reason to deny his being honored by his native Norway anymore than Elie Wiesel is honored by society today.

     What kind of bigot are you, anyway, Mr. Tenembaum?


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