Bonzo And His Clowns In Washington


Bonzo And His Clowns In Washington


R.E. Prindle


     While Bonzo and his clowns are worried about foisting a ‘healthcare’ bill on the American people that nobody wants and the country can’t pay for, events that really require his notice are going without his attention.

     Paul Vallely of ICH (linked above) points out some really ominous events in Africa.  As James Watson said the news coming out of Africa isn’t good and this confirms his opinion.

     Asians are buying up the food producing land of Africa leaving the swamps and deserts to the Africans.  Check out this hot deal granted to the Koreans.  Forget South, South and North will be one Korea within a decade.  Change we can believe in is happening fast folks, let’s hope Bonzo the changemaster can see it.

     (The government of Madagascar (Malagasy Republic) signed a deal  with a giant Korean multinational, Daewoo, leasing 1.3 million hectares of farmland- an area almost half the size of Belgium and about half of all the arable land on the island- to the foreign company for 99 years.  Daewoo had announced plans to grow maize and palm oil there- and send the harvests back to South Korea…

     The firm had paid nothing for the lease…’We will provide jobs for them by farming it’ a Daewoo spokesman said.

     So the Madacascans are going to slave on Daewoo’s farm.  The country has been successfully invaded by Korea.  The Africans will be slowly starved to death so that the island will be annexed by Korea providing an outlet for its population.

     James Watson has his finger on the pulse of Africa.  More.

     That was the kind of big billing which the government in Kenya (Bonzo’s home away from home) gave to the deal recently with the state of Qatar.  The deal was that Qatar would get 40,000 hectares of land to grow food in return for building a 2.5 billion dollar deep-water port at Lamu in Kenya.

     Let me get this straight- the Africans drove off White farmers (Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa) that were producing bumper crops for home consumption and export because Africans were entitled to the land- the same land they are now giving gratis to Asians who will grow food only to export to their own countries and populations.  Plus they’re guilding ports to load the stuff as ‘gifts.’  Hey, tell me James Watson was a bigot.

     Are the Africans dumb?  You bet.  But don’t let’s be harsh in our criticism- oops, Bonzo is an African from Kenya.    While Bonzo and his Cl0wns in Washington are concentrating on Cash For Clunkers, a useless healthcare bill and teaching homosexuality to kindergartners the farmland of the US is up to any bidder.  This is globalism is action folks.  Think globally, act locally.  Ah ha!  Ever heard that one before?

          Veteran speculators such as George Soros, Jim Rogers and ‘Lord’ Jacob Rothschild are snapping lup farmland right now.

    And are they going to build a ‘free’ deep water port to ship American grown food to Israel or the highest bidder?  The good news, the really good news, is they don’t have to, the ports already exist, readymade.  What a good deal, hey?  Free. Free. Free.

     When the Chinese ask for a few million acres what is Bonzo going to say?  Or has he even thought up an answer?  You can bet his clowns Pelosi and Reid haven’t.  They’re too busy trying to get into kindergartners pants.  First things first.




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