The Limits Of Tolerance


The Limits Of Tolerance


R.E. Prindle


     Kevin MacDonald reviews The Rise And Fall Of Anglo-America by Eric P. Kaufmann, a Jewish propagandist, in the above linked issue of VDare.  Kaufmann argues that White Americans ‘were motivated to give up ethnic hegemony by their attachment to Enlightenment ideals of individualism and liberty.’

     This is true as far as it goes.  Nineteenth century Americans simplistically believed that all other belief systems wanted the same ideals as they did.  Thus when experience showed this fantasy to be untrue Liberals extended unreasonable and excessive tolerance to those who wished to impose their belief system on America most notably Jews and Sicilians.  The results and limits of that tolerance have now been realized and reached.  The intolerance of Jews and Sicilians trumps the tolerance of Americans.

     Of course Kaufmann denies any self-interested Jewish motivations.  As difficult as it may be for Americans to do, violating their most cherished beliefs, that tolerance of Jewish motives must now be withdrawn.  They have shown themselves enemies to enlightened ideals.  Tolerance on one side requires good will on the other.  That good will has not been extended by the Jews.

     There is no reason to argue with any Jewish publication as MacDonald does with Kaufmann’s.  All Jewish writing is self-serving including that of ‘good Jews’ like Israel Shamir or ‘bad Jews’ like Eric Kaufmann.  The intent of all Jewish writing is to make you feel bad about yourself and good about the Jews.  If Jewish activities in Palestine don’t give you a hint about life under Jewish domination then don’t bother to complain about your slavery.

     In conjunction with Kaufmann;s and Jewish plans for America is the ‘revelation’ that plans are in place to impose martial law in the United States.  We are supposed to quail at the prospect and submit before hand.

     In point of fact it would be extremely foolish for either the Hope or his Jewish overlords to make the attempt.  The government does not have the resources to succeed in the event of stiff resistance.  Consider:  The US government, not the people, is incapable of subduing a few religious fanatics in either Iraq or Afghanistan.  Think about that.  If this immense ‘shock and awe’ power of the US cannot defeat a few million Iraquis and Afghans which because of desert conditions must be concentrated in a few urban centers what chance does it have in subduing a huge spread out populous area like the US.  None.

     Consider the immense megapolitan areas of the East Coast from Boston to Florida and that of the Midwest from Detroit-Cleveland to Chicago.  Chicago itself occupies several hundred densely populated square miles.  The US doesn’t have that many tanks.  If the East Germans immobolized whole tank corps in urban situtations could Americans do less?  Hey, c’mon you guys.

     Only if White soldiers and White police forces are willing to mow down White resisters, their neighbors and brothers, could the Judaeo-Communists (read: Jews, Negroes and Liberals) hope to succeed.  If you know policemen begin sounding them out, talk to them.  Explain.  Know where they stand so they can be encourged or immobilized.

     There is no reason to despair.  Good god, Americans nearly singlehandedly swept the Nazis and Japs before them.  Are we lesser men than our fathers?  Government power can be no greater and more effective than it now is in Iraq and Afghanistan than it should be in the US.  any White soldier or pilot, any White policeman who fires on his brothers has lost his security.

     There is no reason to despair; all power lies in the hands of the people; as the Communist leader, Mao, said, all power comes from the barrel of a gun.  Disregard without a thought the Kaufmanns and others who would condition your mind with defeatist ideas.  Shut them down and out.  The war is on.

     While I respect Kevin MacDonald I consider his approach in this instance defeatist.  Reject all defeatist arguments.  There can be only victory or annihilation.  Believe me, all the cards are in our determined hands.



2 comments on “The Limits Of Tolerance

  1. “Americans nearly singlehandedly swept the Nazis and Japs before them” False! The Russians were the real victors in 1945 Berlin. Ask Pat Buchanan. If you’re going to take on the marines, better bone up on your information gathering. We all know by now where poor intelligence can lead to.

  2. GJ: I have no quarrel with Pat Buchanan. I read him regularly and applaud his efforts to bring some rationality to the interpretation of the 1933-54 period. He’s a warrior in the just cause and on the right side. He still sounds like a buzzsaw.

    I understand your criticism but I thought I was covering my behind by including the Pacific and European wars. Stalin was fighting a single front war with American supplied materiel if you believe the historians. Hence American supplies enabled Stalin to fight especially after the Japanese chose their Southern rather than Northern strategy. If they had attacked Stalin in Siberia as hoped while avoiding ccnflict with America as anybody with half a brain would have, the results would likely have been quite different. As it was the Americans pinned down the Japanese on the Pacific, distracted the Germans in Africa and Italy moving into France on D-Day thus making Stalin look better than he had any right to.

    I say nothing about the biggest idiot and traitor who ever served as President. Post-1945 is a differnt phase.

    My point in making such an emphatic statement was to instill some courage into the present generation which is being fed a steady diet of whining defeatism. You can’t win when you think you’ve already lost.

    Buck up boys. It’s just getting interesting.

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