Israel Shamir, Enlightenment And Religion


Israel Shamir, Enlightenment And Religion


R.E. Prindle

Shamir, Israel, Cabbala Of Power, Surge Books, 2008


     In this book Israel Shamir puts on his Good Jew hat and joins ‘us’ in deploring Jewish control of not only the US but, well, the world.  Although the result of Jewish control is bad for not only everyone they come into contact with but the earth itself  this is not because Jews themselves are bad, because they aren’t, Shamir tells us,  it’s just that they are fixated on a bad idea.  So was Hitler but that’s another story.  He was BAD.

     Old hat, actually, Shamir just regurgitates everything ‘anti-Semites’ have said in varying phrases over the last four thousand years as true.   What is of more interest is this quote, p. 97:

     Is there a way to decide objectively who is right, which model of the universe is true, Jewish or Christian, or is it a matter of taste, like a choice of coffee or tea?  And should we care about it at all?  Oh yes there is, and yes, we should.  If what the Jews say is true, and they are the True Israel, their presence should be a blessing for the people they dwell amongst…

     In point of fact all three of the Semitic religions were objectively proven to be nonsense with the rise of science during the eighteenth century European Enlightenment.  The Enlightenment (read: Illumination) received no contribution from the side of Jews, Moslems or Christians.  The Semitic world view whether Jewish, Moslem or Christian was proven to be founded on either an erroneous understanding of facts, or superstition.  However, rather than die and go away the Semitic religions have fought back in the attempt to bury Science.

     You will note that Shamir presents us with a choice between two religious viewpoints while ignoring the True Grail- Science.  Hence, regardless of claiming to be one of  ‘us’ Shamir remains one of  ‘them.’

     At this point the three Semitic religions have gone a long way toward burying objective Science.  It is no longer possible to put forward scientific realities if they conflict with religious prejudices or bigotry.  Thus we have the continuous and aggressive war against Evolution being conducted by all three Semitic religions.   Thus we have the results of genetic research shoveled under the carpet when they contradict religious superstitions.  While James Watson wasn’t crucified for expressing a scientific truth that ran counter to Semitic superstitions, he may as well have been.

     I find Shamir’s book hypocritical at best, while being deceitful in intent.  The worst part is that he just drivels on and on for nearly five hundred pages.  He calls this being ‘A Master of Discourse.’  A big five ***** raspberry for Israel Shamir.


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