Navigating The Changes


Navigating The Changes


R.E. Prindle


     Michael O’ Meara writes: United States, Soviet Union: Same Scenario? for the Occidental Quarterly.  He reviews a book by a Jew, Dimitry Orlov titled : Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and Ameican Prospects.

     As a doomsday prophecy Mr. Orlov’s book isn’t much.  It seems to be a rehash of what can be found on the internet in innumerable posts every day of the year and for the last several years in addition.  One stifles a ho-hum.

     Suffice it to say that  the economic world order intruduced by the French Revolution is dissolving.  As in any dissolution a new conformation appears.  The difficulty is managing affairs through the changes.

     The condition of mankind is not as it was in 1789 nor, indeed, twenty-five years ago when the Soviet Union came apart.  The old economic order was unsustainable.  As with all orders it had a beginning, a middle, and consequently an end which occurred on 9/11/01.

     Man began the period in comparative ignorance of himself, the world and the universe whereas today the riddle of man, the world and the universe has all but been solved, macro and micro.  Thus whatever the future holds mankind is better prepared to manage the transition than ever before.  What has been learned need not and must not be forgotten. NO  dark age.  There is no reason for despair but a real need for courage.

     However, small idiotic minds like those of Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, the Great Black Hope et al. have to be discarded.  Intelligence must replace their, not exactly stupid, but narrow minded, ideologically obsessed and virtually deranged minds.  Both the ideologies of the Pederast Party and the Republicans have to be discarded.

     If the earth has not yet reached the limits of its ability to bear its human population  it soon will.  When that happens within ten or twenty years billions will die of more or less natural causes.

     The possessors of scientific ability will then have the best chance of survival if they seize the opportunity.  Whites are the only people with scientific minds, thus the number of Whties relative to the world population today is an irrelvancy.

     Whites should have little concern for the welfare of other human species.  In all likelihood the Global Village will never come to full fruition.  Even now populations are being broken into smaller more manageable units.  Inevitably they will grow apart as chaos ensues.  Race warfare will flare into the open rather than remain covert.  That warfare must and will be one of extermination; the elimination of competitors. Genocide.

     Once again only one of the human species can possibly have the science to navigate the changes successfully and come out on top.  But there must be a survival instinct and it must be deployed beginning today.



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