Josh Kun Meditates On Presence Vs. History


Josh Kun Meditates On Presence Vs. History


R.E. Prindle


     The Krakow Jewish Musical Festival appears to be a near anomaly.  What it demostrates is that New York City is now the world center for Jewry.  There are apparently not enough Jews left in Europe to provide the sort of klezmer music the festival demands.  Thus the bands and band members were brought over from the Big Apple.

     Once can’t be sure that  all but at least most of them were probably third generation Jewish colonists in the US.  They and their parents had lived safe and secure lives in the United States while the holocaust was going on.  They now wax nostalgic about the disappearance of Jews from Krakow which was then a Jewish center.  That Jews who always claimed to be purely American citizens should be nostalgic about that which had never concerned them seems remarkable.

     Josh Kun who wrote this article vusualizes the square in the old Jewish ghetto, now nostalgic rather than a prison as formerly, laughing and dancing  joyously.

     In what is almost deranged fantasy nearly a hundred years since he writes:

     …Nachman visits Poland, in search not of the death camp that erased his family but of the getto where they once lived.  He wanders into a desrted synagogue and imagines it full of davening Jews.  He fantasizes that all the vacancy facing him will, in an instant, be overturned and the dead would come back to life, “the Jews would return and collect in this room.”  There would be, in his prescient and painful words, “presence as opposed to history.”

     One could have more sympathy for the plight of international Jewry if they were not in the process of turning ‘presence into history’ in Europe and America anent their White inhabitants.  Yes.  How can the Jews ask we Whites to sympathize with them when they are planning a White holocaust on a much larger scale.  Nor can they blame it on Hitler and the Nazis.  In point of fact Hitler had nothing to do with Jewish plans.  The Jewish war against the ‘diversity’ has been going on for four thousand years.  That war assumed its present shape beginning in 1789 and has been accelerating ever since.

     True the Jews who are masters of denial have always denied it but our arty friend Noel Ignatiev has made Jewish intentions vis-a-vis Whites abundantly clear.  So clear that even the blind could see if they cared to believe their remaining senses.  The age long war between Jews and Europeans is now in the trenches.  Whites have a bit more to be concerned about than some dead Krakovian Jews.   Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn, I’m not going to argue about any mystical number.

     That was then, this is now.  Now the problem is not Europeans killing Jews but Jews killing Europeans.  I certainly don’thave time to worry about the fate of Jews past or present and I should think other Euroamericans should start thinking more of their own survival then that of a few Jews who don’t  give a damn about them.




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