Sarah Imhoff On Groupthink


Sarah Imhoff On Groupthink


R.E. Prindle


     An unending source of interesting takes on current social problems is Tablet Magazine.  A recent article that fascinated me was by one Sarah Imhoff titled: Hyphen Nation.

     Sarah quotes Woody Wilson as President saying:  “You can’t be an American if you think of yourselves as groups.”  Simply and effectively put.  That interpretation of being an American runs counter to ‘multi-culturalism’ doesn’t it?  I think Wilson was accurate.  The term American is inclusive, making room for everyone, while, for instance, Jewish is exclusive leaving room for no one but Jews.  That makes the term American-Jew contradictory and nonsensical.  One is quite simply either an American or a Jew.  There is no halfway house.

     Sarah then goes on to to say of Wilson:

     Both Wilson and (the L.A. Times) extended the criticism to “hyphenates”  to become an appeal to all “real” Americans to put those hyphenates in their place.  In some cases, a general plea to make sure one’s own community’s loyalties were sufficiently American to become a call to police others.

     Sarah seems to condemn the notion of one culture policing others and yet, what do we find today?  Jews policing Americans condemning another sort of hyphenate- the ‘anti-Semite.’  Their thought police then expel someone that they consider an offender from society perhaps denying him employment of any sort.  McCarthyism at its worst.

     Indeed it is this inherent duplicity in Jewish thought that means that one can only be indulgent of them but not take them seriously.  Always with the Jews what is sauce for the goose is never sauce for the gander.

     Sarah is going to for her doctorate so as still young one hopes she does catch on to her confused logic and change it.  After all, change is in the air.  What is even more appalling is that stuff like this passes for competent work in grad school.  The University of Chicago should be ashamed of itself.



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