Charlie Bertsch And The Burden Of Light


Charlie Bertsch And The Burden Of Light


R.E. Prindle


     I found the title of Charlie Bertsch’s Jewcy Magazine article difficult to understand.  I don’t know if I have it right but my best guess is that Charlie means the burden of being a light bearer.  Perhaps something on the order of the European figure Prometheus.  I presume that Charlie means that as the Chosen People of their tribal deity it is the duty of Jews to illuminate the world.

     Indeed, a presumptuous assumption.   One immediately calls to mind Rudyard Kipling’s poem, The White Man’s Burden.  That burden was to enlighten the peoples ‘outside the law’ and bring the illumination of Western science to them.  Needless to say Kipling and his poem has long been the subject of vituperation much of it coming from the Jewish culture.

     One then asks which is more presumptuous the Jewish assumption of the role of light bringers to an unenlightened world much in need of their superior illumination or Kipling’s assumption of the White Man’s Burden to bring civilization to the savage peoples of the earth? 

     The evidence would suggest that the White Man has raised the ‘people outside the law’ to at least a modicum of civilization.  At least as much as they were capable of accepting.  In any event Western science and medicine have allowed their populations to increase enormously swamping the ‘light bringers’ themselves in their homelands.  For the rest it appears to be as though beings from outer space left them some undecipherable tablets and then disappeared back into the firmament.   This scenario is on track to become prophetic.

     One then asks what light Jews have brought, like gods, to the poor benighted peoples?  Not much.  Following their leader, Sigmund Freud, only a complete lack of morality that elevates all the perversions of mankind into acceptable behavior, such as homosexuality combined with child molestation.

     I would dearly love to hear Charlie’s notion of what he means by his title:  The Bearer Of Light.


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