Will It Be Light Tomorrow?


Will It Be Light Tomorrow?


R.E. Prindle



     Charlie Bertsch in his article “The Burden Of Light” in Jewcy Magazine writes:

It’s a long way from New York City to Boise, a distance that has as much to do with ideology as geography.  For all its diversity, vast stretches of the United States remain strongholds of a white, Christian worldview that struggles to make sense of other cultural heritages even when it open to doing so.

     Once again there is a ghetto Jewish mentality that makes the world outside the ghetto impervious to them.  I cannot recognize these vast stretches from Mr Bertsch’s description.  The author clearly separates himself from white Christians as fellow humans placing them as eccentric atavists in a broader world of which he believes himself to be the virtuous epitome  While Mr. Bertch believes White Christians are not ‘diverse’, even unaware of other cultural heritages we are led to believe that Mr. Bertsch is the opposite not longer narrowly Jewish but open to all other cultural heritages.   All Jewish though is contradictory yet one wonders how Mr. Bertsch can at one and the same time be narrowly Jewish and yet embrace all cultures into himself thus amalgamating all humanity except White Christians in his being.

    To an outside observer, White but not Christian,the claim might seem a trifle specious.  A difference in perception at least.  As Mr. Bertsch writes for a very narrowly Jewish Magazine, proudly proclaimed in its masthead, one might be forgiven for thinking that Mr. Bertsch is indeed Jewish.  It is difficult to determine whether he believes Jews are exclusive of all other cultural heritages or whether they have made sense of all other cultures and exclude them from the Chose People.

     Further he seems to believe that while ‘vast stretches of the United States’ are of this state of mind even vaster areas are now fully appreciative of cultural traditions but presumably still exclude all others for to have a cultural heritage precludes the acceptance of any others.  For all humanity to be brothers they must share the same worldview, hence have a common cultural heritage.  It would seem that Mr. Bertsch has painted himself into a corner, a conundrum from which there is no escaping.

     He condemns what may be presumed a White Christian culture for being exclusive but finds a virtue in other cultural heritages for being exclusive thus finding fault with Whte Christians for a universal viewpoint.

     While the Jewish mind appears to be closed to any illumination from others, Mr. Bertsch condemns the White Christian worldview for what he finds a virtue in his own Jews.  This is the Great Conundrum of Jewish history.  What is right for the Jews is wrong for the gentiles while what is wrong for the gentiles is right for the Jews.  The Jewish is approach is situationist.  tThe Jews cannot be wrong while the gentiles cannot be right in any circumstances.

     It is this sort of wrong headed reasoning that invalidates any Jewish thought.  There is no reason to take the Jews seriously.


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