Bad Day At Auschwitz


Bad Day At Auschwitz


R.E. Prindle


     One must read with scepticism.  The movie Wag The Dog should be a constant reminder of how news and opinion are manipulated to reflect the needs and prejudices of the manipulators.  Nothing can be taken at face value.

     Leaders in this manner of manipulation seem to be the writers of Tablet Magazine.  I have already mentioned Wesley Yang and now comes a Roger Bennett to pursue the same course.  He speaks of a Jewish music festival in Krakow, Poland, the heart of the Jewish Disneyland- Holocaustland.  Mr. Bennett says:

     Krakow is a town where the Holocaust is everywhere- thanks to a battery of brightly colored wagons, little bigger than golf carts, that litter the streets, energetically competing to lure visitors onto a series of niche tours they market via menus emblazoned on their sides.  Trips to Auschwitz, ‘Kazimeirz Ghetto,” and “Schindler’s Factory”…

     Thus the unwary are lured to the crown jewel of Holocaustland, the Auschwitz Extermination Camp in ‘gaily colored carts.’  In this festive manner unwary tourists are lured to the most depressing spot on earth sometimes with disastrous results to their psychology.  God only knows what horrific Disney like special effects the promoters have devised, imaginary heaps of dead bodies with bulldozers moving them toward mass graves  or even worse.  Mr. Bennett records one such devastated psyche.

     One such person while attending the first night of the music festival disrupted the emcee in mid performance continuing to heckle him until in desperation the MC asked him ‘to come up  here and tell us what kind of bad day you have had that gives you the right to be Mr. Rude and bring us all down like that.”

      Staggering to the stage he blurted into the microphone:  I have had a bad day…because…I went to Auschwitz.  Apparently the depressing experience had unhinged the poor man’s mind.  Too tender, perhaps.

     This raises the question of whether it is right for the Jews to commercialize this great disaster of world history by turning it into a Disney like amusement park.  A grim one at that.  Lord knows we all love a good disaster; disaster films are some of the most popular cult films around, people watch the WTC bombing over and over but Great God Almighty isn’t some suffering sacred?

     Are the Jews so light minded that they turn their own great national disaster into coin?  One would hope that these misguided souls would discontinue Holocaustland in honor of the dear departed fallen.

     Making money from the suffering of their own people, indeed!  What barbarism!!!


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