Barry Obama, Disinformation, Misinformation And Dissemination


Barry Obama

Disinformation, Misinformation And Dissenmination


R.E. Prindle

     I’ve mentioned the movie Wag The Dog before.  Over the Fourth Of July I saw an ad on TV that underlined the movie’s importance.

     Wag The Dog  is, of course, a manual on the method of disinformation, misinformation and now the dissemination of information.  The movie should not only be watched but studied.  You can pick up a copy for as low as 5.99.

     Someone who apparently has studied the movie, profiting greatly, is the Great Black Hope himself.  The ad in question was played repeatedly during the Red Sox/Mariners game so the Hope is aiming for the heartland.  Watch Wag The Dog not for its entertainment value, which is considerable, but for its exposition of method.   The method is plainly laid out.  Learn from it.

     The ad in question was for Miller’s Beer.  All the people in it except for the Black protagonist are White.  In this day and age that many Whites and no coloreds should alert you that something is up.  This is propaganda, folks.  Now, the scene is a race course.  You have the box seats and the bleachers.  Anything falling into place yet?

     The opening scene is they’re off.  In other words, the race is on.  The efete White elite are gathered in the boxes amidst luxury and plenty- plenty of Miller’s Beer.  As an ad this implies that the rich know quality and that is Miller’s Beer.  A burly Negro full of energy, confidence and chutzpah barges into the gathering scooping up the Miller’s Beer- he steals it.  Here we have a Black Robin Hood, i.e. Barack Obama, stealing from the elite to give to the masses.  A good Communist message.  Putting the beer back into the cases he wheels them out of the elite area over to the bleachers handing them out gratis to the bleacherites, all White. 

     The message then is that the Hope is going to steal from elite, rich Whites to give to ‘po” Whites.  The White Trash.  I hope you’re getting this.  All the White bleacher sitters have to do is sit and be patient and the Hope will gratify them beyond their avaricious dreams.  Gratis, free.

     Now, the elite are portrayed as efete, ineffective.  Their White noses and appearance are ridiculed.  They are stereotypes seen from the Black point of view.    The Black guy brushes not so much past as through some pale washed out White guy with a pointy nose who zombie like offers no resistance or objection.  Fifteen feet away the burly, solid Negro sneers back: Pardon me, Sir.  in his best sarcastic manner.  A very skinny White woman made up to look ridiculous watches passively.

     The White bleacherites are Joe the Plumber types.  They know how to party. 

     Now, depending on how you look at it this is misinformation or the dissemination of information.  The message is you have to go along to get along.  You don’t even have to get up to get down.  You shall receive without asking.

     Study the movies, shows and ads.  Hollywood has learned how to condition your responses by indirection.  They will neither command nor preach but you will go along with the program without realizing it.  You’re being hypnotized.

     Be alert, reject the message.  Above all boycott Miller’s Beer and any other product employing these methods.  Learn the technique by watching Wag The Dog.  What is effective in one set of hands is effective in another.  Stop being indignant and become persuasive.  It is all propaganda.



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