Rock And Roll Will Never Die But It Becomes Perverted


Rock And Roll Will Never Die But It Becomes Perverted


R.E. Prindle 

     I usually follow the ezine Tablet for a variety of interesting takes on contemporary society, of course from the Jewish point of view.

     As such Tablet unrelentingly puts down Whites, White culture and mores.  This doesn’t bother because the writers are usually Jews and of course Jews despise all things not Jewish.  In the cuurent issure (7/2/09) Tablet employs a Chinese sounding sort, Wesley Yang, to laud the Jews and put down Whites here in, as Mr. Yang puts it, ‘miscegenated America.’

     Mr. Yang’s essay is more or less a review of, or at least inspired by, the volume of Leiber and Stoller quotes entitled Hound Dog.  Leiber and Stoller entertained us vastly in the fifties.  Of course back then Jews hid their identity so no one knew Leiber and Stoller were Jewish nor would  we have cared.  We were all Americans then, not yet becoming Jews, Whites, Chinese and whatever.  It is only in the last few decades that the Jews have taught us that we’re Hound Dogs and they’re super cool, sporting an extra intelligence gene that they believe humbles the world.  Never mind that no one’s ever found it, it’s there they tell us, have faith, believe.

     Mr. Yang unselfconsciously makes some astounding comments that if made by others would indeed be blaphemous or in today’s parlance, racist.

      Mr. Yang says, and I quote:

          You needed people who could operate at the bloody crossroads where commerce, art and social change were converging.  All of which is to say that you needed Jews.

     Whether needed or not, which is open to question, we got ’em.

     All of which is to say that according to Mr. Yang and one presumes his publishers, the editors of Tablet Magazine, is that Jews were firmly in control of the record industry  and hence by extension, American culture.  ‘What a fine mess they’ve gotten us into, hey Ollie?’  Not an astounding revelation but astounding that it was so openly revealed.  The obvious fact will immediately be contradicted if a White person makes it.  I make it, go ahead and contradict.

     Now, these Jews managed a music that Mr. Yang believes was created by ‘trashy whites.’  So if you’re White you should begin getting how the other side views you.  Nothing astounding there, either.

     I say nothing, or little, here about the Jews.  If you want a hint about the criminal side of Jewry I refer you to Gus Russo’s fabulous Supermob.  As to trashy Whites and the chinese I rather suspect there’s a little racial envy there, hey, Mr. Yang?  Anyone visiting San Francisco’s Chinatown has always been impressed by the wise old mandarins sitting behind their squalid counters selling trashy fake Chinese crap.  Buy for a dime, sell for 10.00 as authentic Chinese artefacts.  And then the Tongs.  Perhaps Mr. Yang will believe I’m referring to a large pair of tweezers but, no, I’m referring to the trashy chinese murderous criminal gangs who terrorize White, well any, merchants to extort their protection money.  Not to mention, of course, the fabled Chinese role in the drug business and people smuggling.  You can read ‘people smuggling’ as prostitution.

     Bash, bash, bash.  There’s the crux of my argument.  Mr. Yang speaking for the Chinese and in this case the Jews is hypocrisy personified.  If there were some amusing Chinese statue representing hypocrisy it would look like Mr. Yang sculpted.

     It becomes clear why the Jews and ‘minorities’ like Mr. Yang’s Chinese want anti-hate laws.  It is to indulge their own vile hatreds while gaining legal immunity.   Perhaps retaliation.  Who needs to, the truth is obvious.




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