A Friendly Note To Our Jewish Friends


A Friendly Note To Our Jewish Friends


 R.E. Prindle

     Hello People.  Gosh, it’s nice day isn’t it?  You know how we all cherish our Jewish roots deep in the Bible.  You know that you’re the main trunk and we’re just a graft on your Jewish tree.  That’s OK, but it’s not that we haven’t contributed our little bit to the furtherance of humanity too.  Of course our contribution was in Science and not God studies.

     History does take some unfortunate twists and turns and, say, that holocaust was sure one of ’em.  I can see where that might unsettle a fellow a little bit but, hey, it wasn’t like you were alone in your suffering or completely innocent, if you want to be honest.

     Gosh, if you were half as provocative as you are now you must have driven those Europeans to distraction.  I am right in thinking that no holocaust happened here in America aren’t I?  I mean, golly gee, all those Holocaust ‘Museums’ you’re building designed to look like concentration camps?  Do you know how oppressive and depressive they look?  Oh, not to you of course, you were thown into such a depression that down looks like up to you.  I can understand that but, don’t you think you should seek help and let up a little?

     What I’m trying to say is that when nice, decent folks are driven to such distraction by those dam ‘Museums’ that they commit desperate acts don’t you think it’s time to reevaluate your psychology?

     Gosharoonies, you’re not alone in this country.  If you think it’s hatred don’t you think you’re generating that hatred by your indefensible psychology?  Do you really not realize what you did to bring on the European situtation back then?  I mean, you can’t reasonably attribute everything to some unreasonable ‘anti-Semites’, can you?  If just doesn’t happen that way in real life.  Every action creates a reaction.  Ask yourselves which actions of yours might have created that reaction in Europeans.

     You see the reaction you’ve created by the action of building those horrible monument to hate and crime don’t you?  You’re driving self-respecting, law abiding Americans to do things they would never otherwise do.  Multiply that one by 6,000,000 and things should become clear.

     Come on, be reasonable, bulldoze those monuments to not only Nazi hatred but to your own hatred. 

     God, wants you to be happy, work with Him.




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