Sweet Voice Of Reason


Sweet Voice Of Reason


R.E. Prindle


     As Bonnie Erbe quite rightly remarks, racism is tearing the country apart.  It behooves us then to abate race frictions as much as possible rather than exacerbate them.  Anything that offends egregiously might best be discontinued.

     In the South the Negroes are offended by the Stars and Bars, that grand old symbol of States Rights.  They call for the noble banner to be removed, outlawed because it reminds them too much of the pre-Civil War days before the flower of American White youth was destroyed on the battle field in their defense.  Certainly as the voice of reason the Jews have joined their voice to that of the Negroes to suppress this cherished symbol of one half of the South.

     If the Stars and Bars offend the Negro then there are Negro attributes that offend the White South that also might justly be suppressed.

     After all in this cherished multi-cultural society we have built, every culture has something about it that offends another or the rest.  Some of these actions, or beliefs, often lead to violence.  In those circumstances it may behoove a culture, any culture, to reexamine itself and abandon certain habits, beliefs or traits.

     In the light of the recent violence incited by the Washington DC Holocaust church it would behoove the Jews to reevaluate the need for a symbol so offensive to such a large part of the population both Black and White.

     If the Jews with their sweet reason can see the offence caused by the Stars and Bars, St. Andrews cross, surely they, with a little introspection, can see the egregious offence of the Holocaust Temples.  The Jews  live in fear of violence at these centers, they post a small army to ward off expected armed attacks.  Certainly an attack  by a lone geriatric pushing a century is not the worst to be feared but might not the continued presence  of these fortresses incite worse?  Do we want that?

     Ours is a multi-cultural society, the Jews being only one small unit of the society, each culture must make some small sacrifice to get along with the others.  What purposes do these fort commemorating death serve other than to offend and incite?

     We plead with the Jews to show the same concern that they do about the Stars and Bars the Negroes find so offensive.  If that symbol should be suppressed then why shouldn’t these fort like Holocaust ‘Museums’?

     Get over it and bulldoze them.


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