The Rising Scale Of Violence


The Rising Scale Of Violence


R.E. Prindle

     It would appear that things are coming to a head.  The recent EU elections returned a number of reasonable men- commonly called insane bigots by the crazed Left.  This also upset our old friends, the Jews.  The Lads of the Covenant perceived the electoral gains of the right as the resurgence of their old bete noires Hitlerism and Fascism.  Traumatized seventy years ago they can’t get over it.  Even Freudian analysis is of little use.

     They still haven’t learned that no one really takes them all that seriously.   Freud didn’t learn enough about hysteria while visiting Charcot in Paris.   Well, if the Fascists were gaining strength that meant that anti-Semitism was gaining strength if not on the march.  An anti-Semitic incident was in order to draw attention to the plight of the Innocents.

     Where better to have an incident than in one of those Temples to Hatred known as Holocaust ‘Museums?’  Where better than in the belly of the Beast itself- Washington D.C.

      Now, normally the museum has armed guards outside the entrance as well as inside the entrance and dispersed throughout this Church of Hatred.

     But, on this day, mysteriously, there were no guards outside where they might easily have intercepted the deranged anti-Semite.  I don’t know how they worked this but remember the Israeli cameramen who set up their cameras focused on the WTC waiting for the Mad Muslims to fly into the Towers, but they got the most famous nonagenarian anti-Semite in the United States, if not the whole world, to make an assault on this Temple of Hatred that is apparently so repellent that a dozen or two armed guards are necessary to prevent just such muderous assaults as that of our nonagenarian friend.  Well, not friend, but you know what I mean.  For those unfamiliar with the term nonagenarian it means ninety years old or more.  One can never be too old to be a dangerous anti-Semite.  I suppose that is the lesson we are to draw.

     So, as I say, this ninety year old old fart grabs his rifle, whether single shot or repeater we aren’t told, gets in his little red car, red seemed to be significant to the Fathers,  drove to the vicinity of the ‘museum’, got out and tottered a couple hundred yards with his rifle in front him, he left his walker at home on this momentous occasion,  right up to the door where he must have paused a few moments, perhaps as much as ten minutes or so to regain his breath, then barged right in where the security men were waiting for him.

    Now, if I had been this grizzled old dodderer I would have taken a coule of automatic pistols, and a grenade or two to do some real damage as I wouldn’t be coming out alive.  Not even Arnold in his younger days.  Now, this old buzzard, not as limber perhaps as in his own younger days, has to try to bring his rifle into play.

     Not unsurprisingly before he could he was shot dead or very closely to it.  It would have been nice if a couple Israeli photogs had been handy to catch the action as they were on that memorable day of 9/11.  There were a number of security guards at the entrance but none of these big brutes, probably monster off-season Negro tackles for the Redskins, could squash this nonagenarian bug into the pavement.  No doubt his secret weapon was White Skin Privilege but no reports I’ve read have mentioned this.

     So this old dude, so we are told, wasted a guard and that was that.  Little or no damage done.  Some anti-Semitic incident.  I could have written a better one than that.  But then all that is needed is the appearance of an anti-Semitic incident; it isn’t necessary to have the real thing where a dozen or so of real people slip across the bar.

     One imagines then that this DC incident wil be used to show how a deadly anti-Semitic plague of Fascism is rapidly spreading from Europe to North America.

      Well, you know what the answer is.  More ‘anti-hate’ laws.  Oh, that’s right.  There is one going to the Senate as we speak, isn’t there?


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