On The ‘Obama’ Beach


On The ‘Obama’ Beach


R.E. Prindle

      How long will be endure the Great Black Hope, this Grand Farceur with the pinned eyelids?  Can there actually be anyone who takes this guy seriously?  Even as jobs are being exported by the hundreds of thousands monthly, even as tens of thousands of ‘immigrants’ are imported weekly to replace American citizens at jobs, this Mugabian Punchinello says he is goint to ‘create’ 600,000 jobs ‘this summer.’

     Over the three months of ‘this summer’ there will be a loss of 600,000 jobs a month or 1,800,000 jobs for the summer.  Punchinello thinks he will ‘create’ 600,000 jobs, a net loss of 1,200,000.  He has no plans to stimulate industry.  Whatever manufacturing we have left will continue to be sent overseas.  Those are jobs.  What the Farceur proposes is simply the distribution of largesse.  He will collect in taxes or borrow externally X number of dollars  and distribute, say, 10% back to certain unemployed.  Who the lucky recipients of this lottery are we don’t know.  As we no longer manufacture the products to be used in these ‘jobs’ that money will be sent overseas along with the jobs provided by the emasculation of our industry.

     I ask again, how long can we tolerate such a Farceur?  If you can’t visualize the results of his actions intellectually then just look across the water to ‘the continent’ and see what Punchinello’s mentor has accomplished in Zimbabwe.  Look at what is happening in South Africa.   Forget the rest of ‘the continent.’

     Wake up, People.  You can’t have an economy without manufacturing.  Jobs are created when profits exist sustaining an ongoing opertion.  Largesse is simply the distribution of money wherever it comes from.  Obama is distributing largesse, he is not creating jobs.


2 comments on “On The ‘Obama’ Beach

  1. Are you really that stupid enough to believe that Obama or any other politician could turn the tide on our economic woes so fast? Are you? What do you expect us to do? Impeach Obama and put a Republican in the White House? The Republicans have already proven that they cannot do crap with the economy. I certainly do not expect Obama to get us out of this recession or depression, or whatever the hell we are in so damn fast.

    Getting out of this mess is going to take YEARS, regardless of who is in office. You might as well face those facts.

  2. Whoa there, drush76! Let’s back up and review the situation. The Great Black Blunder was portrayed as a savior from day one. He ran on a platform of ‘Change ‘We’ Can Believe In; not you or I but this indefinite ‘we.’ All the stops were pulled out by the MSM to get their boy in. A billion dollars was spent; anyone who didn’t stand up and shout Heil Obama! was branded as a White Supremacist racist bigot. Blacks voted for their boy almost unanimously.

    Since being ‘elected’ the Blunder has been hailed as the Messiah, the Mahdi, the Anointed One by Louis Farrakhan and a host of MSM mouthpieces like Anderson Gulag or whatever his name is. One of these Bozos recently said that yea verily he thought Obama was God. Prime Minister Brown of england committed a Freudian slip by referring to Omaha Beach of D-Day fame as Obama Beach implying that the advent of the Mahdi was some sort of D-Day.

    And now, what do you come pleading? Am I stupid enough to believe that Obama or any other politican…you ask, reducing the Blunder from God to a mere politician no different than any other politician.

    Which is it? Is he is or is he ain’t? If a god then act like God and show us a few miracles. I’m ready to believe. If a mere politician like any other as you say then he is totally ineffective and must remain ineffective because he doesn’t have a clue.

    Your other comments seem to be correct. Obama and his Pederast Party spend too much time trying to make it legal to get into kindergartners’ pants and not enough on facing the problems.

    The Republicans are also clueless. I don’t understand why you think that because I see through the Blunder I’m for Republicans. I have no use for Republicans. Didn’t McCain give you a clue as to why?

    And yes, it is going to one long row to hoe and the Blunder’s blunders are only going to lengthen it.

    If this is a joke it’s gone on long enough. Obama should go back home to Kenya and let us get on with it.

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