Reparations, Charity And White Supremacy


Reparations, Charity And White Supremacy


R.E. Prindle


     To understand The Great Black Hope’s program, that is, the course he will follow, I believe one must make oneself familiar with the writing of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  The illusion of reality contained therein, essentially that developed within the Weather Underground, is the base of The Hope’s Weltanschauung.

     He is essentially a social worker, which is to say he approaches the powerful and wealthy as a charming supplicant or fund raiser.   This how he must and will approach his role as President versus other governmental heads.  His only idea of money, economics, is that you approach those with it and ask them  for it.  Hence he and Ayers running through a hundred million dollars of CAC money in Chicago.  Think of it, a ghetto Negro, suddenly in possession of a hundred million dollars just for the asking.   I’m sure he believes that three and a half trillion is available at his request.

     One of his obsessions is ‘social justice’ that is ‘reparations’ for Africans.  He must realize that Whites are not going to do any such thing on their own.  Hence such programs to put Africans into houses they couldn’t pay for.  You may argue that that was before the Hope was president but the mortgage thing was part of ACORN and the Hope was heavily involved with those people.  His tax programs giving money to the ‘poor’ – that is Africans-  is merely a backdoor form of reparations.

     The Hope could not do this without the aid of White Supremacists of the Weather Underground and other Liberal/Communist supporters.  These people will argue that they are not White Supremacists however as reparations is a form of charity one must ask to whom does one grant charity?  Only to those one feels superior to.  One can’t grant charity to one’s betters, it is impossible for inferiors to give charity to their superiors.

     So why do the Liberal/Communists want to help Africans over and against ‘Conservative’ Whites?  Because inferior Africans need their help while other Whites are their equals or betters.  Also it is necessary for Liberal/Communists to feel superior to other Whites who are not as ‘compassionate’  as themselves.

     Ayers, Dohrn and the Weather mentality hve converted White Supremacy from a fringe group to a national ideology in their own minds.  All White people save themselves are White Supremacists unless they lay down their ‘White Skin Privilege’ to Colored Peole and accept inferior status.

     It is thus that deluded women such as Bernardine Dohrn and Diana Oughten let themselves be used as prostitutes by, if I understand Ayers’ Fugituve Days right, gangs of ‘colored’ men considering it a noble sacrifice.

     It is thus that Ayers can emasculate himself and serve colored interests rather than his own.

     Believe me these people should be discredited and discountenanced.  The Hope should be gently asked to resign and go back to Kenya.  As Reverend Manning warned:  Obama will trash you.  The harm he has already done has been monumental already.  Why wait until he takes your pot leaving you no where to go but on the ground?  This situation is crazy.  Act now.


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