The Insanity Of Bernardine Dohrn


The Insanity Of Bernardine Dohrn


R.E. Prindle

The gritty domestic consequences of revived American Empire include economic collapse, job flights, a national-security state, unprecedented caging of people of color, renewed assaults against women, gays, and fundamental liberties, ecological plunder and catatrosphic collapses, forced displacement of thousands of African-Americans and the poor from the Gulf Coast, barricaded and isolated North America as a fortress against immigrants, torture, incarceration without rule of law, and the pandering of fear.

p. 2- Sing A Battle Song

     The above quote from the pen of Bernardine Dohrn from Sing A Battle Song is typical of the incomprehensible nonsense of Weather Underground thought processes.  Everything is twisted and distorted to fit preconceived notions.  It all forms one huge illusion of reality.

     As the foundation of Weather thought is the absurd notion of premeditated White Skin Privilege and institutional White Supremacy the rest follows.  Nevermind contradictory facts from 1950 on the Weathermen have projected their illusory pall like a fog over reality obscuring facts.

     The whole notion of historical process eludes them.   They apparently believe that like Mandrake the Magician a wave of the cape can change the illusion to reality.

     The whole understanding of cause and effect is so skewed as to be quite mad, dissociated completely from reality.  The current economic collapse has nothing to do with a ‘revived American Empire’.  It has to do with the misguided altruistic notion that you can sell houses to people who cannot afford to pay for them.  Thus instead of the oppression of African-Americans by White Supremacists one has the oppression and plundering of the productive people by African-Americans.  By what mad twist of logic can Dohrn speak of forced displacement of thousands of African-Americans from the Gulf Coast?  How can Hurricane Katrina have been organized by White Supremacists so that tens of thousands of criminals would be redistributed throughout America?  Yes, a major storm did force evacuation but for this Bernardine Dohrn, this honored Northwestern professor of law to construe an ‘act of God’ as an instrument of White Supremacy is sheer insanity.  The woman is bereft of her senses.  By what means of White Supremacy has this White woman been given the keys to a prefessorship of law?

     Yes, Bernardine, there is something very wrong when someone as mentally unqualified as you is given a law degree and an hornored place in the university system.  You  should thank your lucky stars that these White people you so despise have so little sense, such a complete absence of understanding of justice.  You were never a revolutionary, you have always been a mere criminal.  To use your terminology, if you had been Black instead of White you would have been given a triple consecutive life sentence.  Isn’t it good to be White?


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