If It’s Bad For General Motors Is It Good For America?


If It’s Good For General Motors…


R.E. Prindle

 Billy Durant

     Back in the not too far distant past someone, I forget who, said:  If it’s good for General Motors, it’s good for America.  Conversely one must ask:  If it’s bad for General Motors is it bad for America.  We’re about to find out.

     The headline in the 6/1 Communist rag, the Oregonian, ignorantly bleated:  U.S. sits in GM’s driver’s seat.

     Check out the first paragraph, italics mine:

     General Motors, the humbled giant that has been part of  American life for more than 100 years, will file for bankruptcy protection today in a deal  that will give the taxpayers a 60 percent ownership stake and expand the government’s reach  into big business. (Read Nationalization.)

     Actually GM’s presence is a little less than a century, just seems longers, but this the Oregonian talking.  After a centuryof anti-business legislation, open borders for low labor cost foreign auto imports and US labor’s inability to adjust to that beneficial ‘global’ labor competition the Liberals boast about GM has finally been brought down.  A Commie’s wet dream.

     So, what’s the deal here?  What do we taxpayers get by owning 60% of a bankrupt, uncompetitive, high labor cost, company that the ‘taxpayers’ have already poured tens of billions of dollars into and are poised to to pour tens of billions more into an unprofitable company with absolutely no prospects of becoming profitable.  Man, that boy wonder, the Hope, is one shrewd SOB isn’t he?  He saddles the taxpayers, that’s us, with a liability of tens of billions of dollars a year indefinitely while the ‘government’, that’s the Hope, expands his reach into controlling the economy.  I’m sure the Hope and the Liberal idiots, Black, White and Jewish call that leveling the playing field.  Auto workers keep their jobs and have their wages paid by we taxpayers.  Good deal all around.

     Meanwhile the US,  I presume by that the geniuses at the Oregonian mean the combination of we taxpayers and the Hope’s government, is in the driver’s seat of a defunct company.

     I want to hand it to the Oregonian for making an unmitigated disaster that the Hope in his inimitable style will make worse seem like a triumph for we taxpayers and the Hope’s government.  Let’s see, the Hope=Communist and the Oregonian=Communism.  It’s looking extremely rock for we taxpayers today…


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