Ray Steps Out Of The Closet


Ray Steps Out Of The Closet


R.E. Prindle


     Ray, who has been plaguing me for some time while posing as a friendly has finally come clean.  He has claimed to be from near Hibbing, Minnesota but the latest is that he’s from Chicago.  Email Ray at raymctell@hotmail.com .

     In response to my blurb ‘The Great Black Hope Provokes A Civil War’ Ray writes:

     There is a third alternative you missed.  The whites can accept their new inferior status and become good “Negroes” and try to fit in as best they can.  The new janitor/porter class.  “Yes-sir, no-sir…”  It’s been done to death before by others.  The militants on either side have always been in the minority.

     I would advise Ray that the US is neither Zimbabwe nor South Africa.  The Whites of the US are not outnumbered by five or six to one while the White Liberal cohorts of the Africans have not tied our hands as they have in SA and Z.  

     The Bantu of SA may have the Whites of SA doing the heavy intellectual work for them so they can function on some level of governmental efficiency but that isn’t going to happen here. 

     Consider, Ray, some dyslexic, that is to say mentally handicapped, Fireman in Connecticut who had to have the material read to him while decoding the lines of the test for himself finished seventh well ahead of every single Black applicant.  Think about this.  That means when he goes to the restroom he has to select from SERBMOH  or SARONES  and gets it right every time.

     There’s a reason Whites aren’t porters and janitors and it’s not called White Skin Privilege.  It’s an intelligence ‘thang’, Ray.  Shake that moneymaker.  Think about it.




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