Two Historical Situations- Hypnotism Then And Now


Two Historical Situations-

Hypnotism Then And Now


R.E. Prindle

     Hypnotism has been ill understood until the present.  Let us consider two historical situations  in which mass hypnotism figured and figures prominently.  The Medieval Witch Hunts and the current Racist situation.  In the first situation the European population was hypnotized into hunting Witches; in the current situation the population is incited into hunting ‘Racists.’  In Medieval times untold numbers of  Witches and Sorcerers- men women and children were murdered; in the current situation it is proposed to exterminate White men.  The situations are identical.

     The hypnotic suggestion to hunt witches was implanted by the priests of the Catholic Church.  The supposed existence of Satan troubled the Church a great deal hence constant preaching against the devil terrorized and incensed the population that was still unconscious to reality believing in the concrete reality of demons.  Satan must have had accomplices on Earth.  The bible tells us that they are witches and witches are not to be suffered to live.  Therefore in order to eradicate Satan one had to smell out witches and destroy them.  Hence the murerous Witch Hunts that enveloped Europe for centuries and continued down into the Enlightenment, abating only then.

     The current situation is led by the Jews who have substituted anti-Semites for Witches.  There is in fact nothing that can be construed as anti-Semitism occurring  in the US.  No Jew has ever been murdered on the streets because he was a Jew in America to my knowledge.  And yet Jewish organizations claim anti-Semitism is rampant.  By promoting ‘hate’ laws Jews have placed themselves as authority figures capable of making hypnotic suggestions not incomparable to the priests of the Catholic Church.

     The Jews are too few in number to risk confronting the White majority alone so they have expanded anti-Semitism into ‘Racism.’  The charge of Racist has been narrowed to exclude all but White men.  By Liberal definition a colored person cannot be a Racist.  Thus world wide high melanin people far out number Whites.

     White men are further cowed by fear of being identified as a ‘Racist’ or, in another word, a Witch.

     Just as in Medieval times the stage is set for the extermination of ‘Racists’ now as Witches then.  The population has been hypnotized by constant iteration to  fear and hate ‘Racist’ White men as the Witches were in Medieval times.

     The question is not is there a desire to exterminate ‘Racist’ White men but when it will begin.  It is necessary to begin a campaign of strong counter-suggestion as well as positive suggestion to awaken Whites and defeat this nefarious plan.   Do not hesitate do not waver.  Repitition is the essence of hypnotism.

     Remember, in the idiom of Liberalism, colored people cannot be by definition ‘Racists.’  They won’t have to smell ‘Racists’ out as they did Witches; the irony is they will be able to see them by their ‘color.’


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