Ayers: Race Course Against White Supremacy, A Critique VIII


Ayers:  Race Course Against White Supremacy VIII

A Critique


 R.E. Prindle

     When our Farceur gets to the articles of his Universal Declaration Of Human Rights it becomes clear that he’s relying on if not directly quoting the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution but somehow his twisted mind doesn’t seem to realize this.   What he has to offer has already been said.

     ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.’  Well, alright, no problem there. Rousseau said that men are born free and are everywhere in chains.  One must ask what happens between birth and maturity.  Obviously as men grow certain inequalities become self-evident.  We are not born equally capable; some are evolutionarily and genetically superior.  So it seems our Farceur doesn’t just mean they are born free and equal in dignity and rights but that they should remain so.

     The Bomber should know how vile human beings naturally are as he’s thrown the odd bomb or two himself.  He feels justified in criminal acts because he believes his sense of ‘social justice’ is not only different but higher than that which prevailed.  It matters little to him that the majority were satisfied with the social dispensation as it was.   The people on the bottom should on the top he says.

     I say so too if they the ability to get there by their own superior efforts.  I say no if the intent is to deprive others of what they have justly earned.  To punish the capable to reward the incapable is to turn the asylum over to the inmates and that is exactly the Bomber’s aim.

     The next line in Article One is a whopper:  They (human beings) are endowed with reason and conscience… (cough, cough) 

     This seems to run counter to the prevailing attitude that mankind is governed by their unconscious mind which is to say by unreason while the unconscious mind has no conscience.  Our Farceur seems to have no idea what planet he’s  living on or in which universe that planet spins.

     And finally:   …should act toward one another in a spirit of brotherhood. 

     I guess the Bomber missed Sunday School as a child.  A nice ideal but human beings have voiced ideals like this for 100,000 years and are no closer today to the ideal then we have ever been, nor will we likely get any closer.  Our Farceur may think so but eliminating Whiteness from the planet will be only a prelude to even less brotherhood.  Asians are not going to allow Africans to live any more than they will Whites.  Inhumanity will not cease there either as Chairman Mao amply proved in China.  War will never stop untill there is one man left standing.  Sad but true, Oh Farceur.




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