Ayers’ Race Course Against White Supremacy V: A Critique


Race Course Against White Supremacy V

A Critique


R.E. Prindle



     It seems that the intent of The Great Black Hope refuses to be understood.  It is the destruction of White America.  Accept that fact and act on it.  The Hope isn’t that smart but he is that vicious.  He is not acting alone.  There are people behind him doing his thinking for him.  He is merely a front. 

The Hope Always Dependent On OPM

     He has never earned a living.  He has always been on the dole.  When money was needed there was always someone there to get it for him.  His attitude toward the National Debt is exactly the same.  He can project a budget of any size he wants because in his mind he has only to ask for the money and it will appear.  He has recently asked for another two billion dollars to prepare for a flu pandemic.  Two billion dollars to prepare for a flu pandemic.  Thank god it’s not the common cold.  Why should things change for him?


     When he was a child his mother living in a Third World Country quickly realized it was no place for her son.  First she set about trying to Americanize her boy in Indonesia insultingly rejecting Third World culture.  Realizing the futility of that she shipped her tot  back to Hawaii and Grandma.  Grandma toiled and slaved to get her grandson ready for college.  Having no further use for Grandma he jettisoned her for a free ride at Occidental College paid for by the despised Honky.  I have not heard who pulled his freight at Columbia as yet but you can be sure it was a free ride.  Then Rashid Khalidi raised the cash to put him through Harvard Law School.  A  free ride once again.

     The Reds and Islamists sent him through with colors flying.  Then on to Chicago where the decks were cleared and he landed a job as a Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago.  Apparently Chicago had no other qualified applicants in an over crowded field.  Lucrative appointments just fell his way.  The management of 100 millions of dollars along with his mentor Bomber Billy Ayers at CAC.  And so it has been.

     Is he running up trillions of debt?  What does that mean to him?  The money will appear as it always has.  Rich people have got it, whoever they may be.


        Debt is of no conseqence.  It will never be repaid, it is impossible to repay it.  It will just be forgotten or repudiated. Tens of trillions of dollars cannot be repaid.  It is impossible that there will ever be that much of a surplus.   Ask yourself who is the debt going to benefit? Not you, but who?  Then act to foil their intent.  There is no money.  Forget its ever being repaid.  Just forget it.  Who but a fool would loan money for a house to an unemployed beggar?


     San Domingo is waiting for you.  Arm yourselves and organize an alternative national government.  Forget Democrats and Republicans.  There are only Communists and Dissenters, The People.  If you don’t know who the People are so much the worse for you.

     THE GREAT BLACK HOPE intends the impoverishment of Whites. Of course that will mean the impoverishment of Africans but the Hope is willing to cut off his nose to spite his face.



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