Ayers’s Race Course Against White Supremacy III: A Critique


Race Course Against White Supremacy III

A Critique


R.E. Prindle

The Bomber Says Love Is The Answer

Bernie Applauds Quietly From The Corner With One Hand


     In reading the Dynamic Duo’s latest one is constantly suppressing a smile.  School says the Bomber is not to learn Reading, Writing and Arithmetic but for learning ‘love.’

Love Is The Answer Say Bernie And The Bomber

     Let me pose a problem for the Duo’s solution.

     Suppose this guy at the U of M lives in an attic.  He’s at least half whacked so he equate his opinions with right and justice.  He’s opposed to racial discrimination so he thinks Whte girls should spread for Black men.

     This first quarter Freshman year and he lures a young something fresh from the rural route into his attic.  In the attic is his younger brother and this forty year old Black dude.  Once he has the girl in the attic he tells her she has to have sex with all three or she doesn’t get out.  She doesn’t have chutzpah of Bernie to brazen her way past the White guy who’s locked the door, blocking her exit.

     She accepts a fate worse than death and spreads her eighteen year old legs for this forty year old Black dude.  Then the White guy piles on for sloppy seconds.  White guy’s brother is not interested in thirds so the girl who has actually been kidnapped and imprisoned is released.  That’s three felony charges, kidnapping, false imprisonment and rape.

     The good thing though is this bigotted White Supremacist chick has had interracial sex.  Justice has been served.  Is that right, Bill?

     My question for the Bomber and Bernie is is this an example love or hate?  Racial justice has been served according to the Bomber’s thoughts in his Race Course but at the same time the girl was forced to be a sex slave.   The Duo is for love but against slavery.   How do they reconcile this imaginary conflict?

     I’m sure this can be classed as ‘tough love’ or ‘being cruel to be kind’ but I can’t accept that reasoning.  The Bomber has a blog.  I’d like him to justify White Boy’s actions.

     Let’s hear it, Bill.


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