Damage Control


Damage Control


R.E. Prindle


     I recently had a site visit my R.E. Prindle blog by the name of Beattitude.  It sounded sort of religious but as I always give a visit to those who visit my blogs I clicked on.  It appears that rather than a religious site it was a homosexual site concerned with gay marriage.  I don’t get excited about gay marriage because I consider it too dumb for words.

     The site asked me to check out an Iowa ad celebrating a recent homosexual victory there.  I did.  the underlying assumption of ads of this type is that no man has ever had any experience with homosexuals.  We all have and the experience is that homos are not nice people, they are not harmless.  We hear about straights harassing poor inoffensive homos in high schools.  Here’s how it was in my high school.

     Both the boy’s and girl’s gym teachers were ‘gay.’  Both had their cliques of gays they favored.  Our gym teacher gave gays the run of the showers.  The floors were slick with soap.  The gay boys wanted to soap up and have a gang pile in the middle of the showers.  Wouldn’t that be nice for them.

     Failing in that wish they took to sliding into peoples feet knocking them over.  This was serious scary stuff.  Those tiles were hard.  The idea was that they would leave you alone if you let them fuck you.  Some boys gave in, some didn’t.  Eventually one boy was knocked down and broke both elbows.  Another landed on the back of his head and was senseless for life.

     At one time I was left hanging on to a hot shower head to keep from going over.

     Enough was enough.  I raised a fuss about the two injured boys telling the truth of how they were injured.  The homosexual angle was brought out.  Nothing was done about it except posting a monitor who conveniently was absent from his post.

     I could go on.  There is absolutely no reason to pass any laws empowering or protecting homosexuals.  They are men fully capable of injuring or killing other men.   And they do.

     If you want to open a can of worms ask the Navy about the USS Kearsarge and what happened in Oakland in the first quarter of 1959.  If the answer doesn’t open your eyes to the danger of empowering homos, nothing will.


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