Bill Ayers And Barry Obama


Bill Ayers And Barry Obama


R.E. Prindle

ayers1                                                                                                          obama_ayers_review1


     The above blog post was uploaded on Oct, 18, 2008 so this is not hot news.  You may have already seen the post.  The quote above is the entire review.

      The quote definitely proves that there was a much closer  Ayers-Obama connection than Obama admits to.

     As Zomblog points out Michelle Obama organized a panel to discuss the issue of juvenile justice on which Obama and Ayers appeared together.  Both were working on juvenile justice issues so in addition to all the other evidence it would seem clear that both the Obamas, Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn were quite familiar with each other.  Why lie when you’ve left a paper trail a mile wide?

     It would seem impossible that the four are not simpatico.

     The above post of 4/08/09 clearly indicates that Obama was aware of the past of Ayers and very closely associated with terrorist Weather Underground personnel.  Van Jones, Obama’s appointee as Green Jobs Czar and Communist has connections to the Weather Underground and hence Ayers.

     The question is how informed was Obama of Ayers’ doings?  See my post: Greil Marcus, Bob Dylan, Bill Ayers and Barry Obama



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