Ray’s Take On 9/11


Ray’s Take On 9/11

A Response


R.E. Prindle

    I received a comment from Ray on my Greil Marcus, Bob Dylan, Ayers and Barry Obama post.  I append his comment and my response.

     Ray says:

     In the weighing of Conspiracy vs. Coincidence, you seem to take the common approach that the latter choice is but “mere” coincidence.  I take a different approach:  A coincidence is a signpost of the great conspiracy of Fate (orsubstitute God and predestination).  So then, a strange coincidence is actually a more profound occurrence than a mere evidence of human conspiracy.

     I listened to the first track of Love and Theft on the evening of 9/11:  “Sky full of fire, pain pouring down…” and my mind flashed on the images I’d seen earlier in the day.  Coincidence?  I’d say so.  But to extrapolate from this B.D. being in on the human consipracy is a mind-bending and ludicrous exercise…I imagine a phone call from B.A. to B.D. a year in advance:   ‘Yeah Bob, I’m gonna get some planes to crash into some buildings and I need you to come up with a song…”

     ‘Sure thing, Bill.  I’ll get right on it…”

     I hears ya brutha’.  I must confess I used ‘coincidence’ in a facetious manner.  I meant one occurrence may be termed a coindidence but several occurrences becomes a pattern; a developed pattern becomes a plan.  God seldom lends a hand in these matters, Ray, it’s usually evidence of mere human conspiracy.

     Like you I can imagine Bomber Billy Ayers calling Bob and saying:  Bob we’ve got a thing on  but we need a couple tunes from you.  But I don’t imagine that’s what happened.  Let’s imagine, since we’re imagining, that the Weatherman Hate Merchants are angry because ‘the bastards’ broke up their game before they were able to destroy the ‘beast.’  I’m sure you’ll agree that the Bomber wasn’t going to be happy until he’d done that.

     Being the active sort after he ended his Fugitive Days and evoked the technicality that got him off he got his confederates in high places to get him his PhD and a respectable cover as ‘Distinguished Professor’ at U. Illinois.  Under his cover he restlessly searched for a way to punish ‘the bastards.’   The Bomber considered he and his fellow Weathermen saints of great purity.

     I don’t how old you are, Ray, but these conspirtors of the sixties had large and reasonably well coordinated networks.  One may assume that Bob was peripheral to them, at least.  Then the younger set like Greil Marcus began to enter the work force.  I’m sure you’ll agree that the Bomber is insane, Greil Marcus is crazed and Dylan, at the least, is disturbed.  The Bomber and Marcus definitely hate the US, for different reasons, while Dylan is probably befuddled by his Bible readings and imagines he’s bringing about the millennium by establishing a Jewish wonderland.  I leave that up to you.

     Somehow the Bomber linked up with Obama either in New York at Columbia or in Chicago as an up and coming social worker.  Dylan probably met Obama through Ayers and Marcus before the presidential election.  Dylan signed on very early and I don’t think that he believed that hokum of Dreams From My Father.  He didn’t even read the book right.  Daddy Obama wasn’t a Masai lion slayer.  Dylan didn’t even get his Tarzan right.  Obama’s father was a Luo from up on Lake Victoria.  Intellectual my ass.

     The Bomber established himself as an educational expert which allowed him to  move around from campus to campus to coordinate whatever he was working toward, while Marcus with his degree from Berkeley established himself as a music critic and also was able to travel from campus to campus as well as from town to town to lecture in book stores.  Dylan as a performer was constantly on the move.  thus all three had a perfect cover to be anywhere they wanted without attracting notice.

     Now, Baraka many years ago accused the Israelis, the Jews, of organizing the WTC.  Things weren’t too clear though.  It was true that for some inexplicable reason Israelis had a camera trained on the WTC to catch the action.  One presumes that the film shown on TV immediately after the bombing came from them.  Why would anyone train a camera on the WTC at that precise angle for half an hour or more unless they were expecting something to happen?  Hence as they were Israelis, Jews knew the attack was to take place for some time previously.

      Therefore the Saudis were stooges.  Fall guys.  How the attack was organized isn’t known at present.  The Bomber who was photographed stomping on a US flag for a promo shot of his book released on 9/10/01 along with what are now many, many coincidences indicates first a pattern and then a plan.  I don’t know how the Bomber set it up just yet but you can be sure he did. 

     Thus  Marcus, Dylan, Ayers and Obama are all implicated in a plan to destroy the United States for whatever their various reasons.  Getting Obama elected fulfilled the plan.  Ayers is the driving force abetted by Marcus with Dylan at least an accessory.

     I quote yourself:  “I listened to the first track of Love and theft on the evening of 9/11:  “Sky full of fire, pain coming down…”  And my mind flashed on the images I’d seen earlier in the day…”  Did it?  Now, Ray, 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 4+4=8 and so on.  You’ll get there.



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